Obama’s dream world

“We have come a long way over the past five and a half years.  Our challenges are nowhere near as daunting as they were when I first came into office.”President Obama, Aug. 1, 2014

I came up out of my chair when I heard the president say that during his pre-vacation press conference on Friday, but there wasn’t a sound out of the dutiful press corps in the audience.

Really Mr. President?

Obama aug 1 2014 press conf (voanews.com)

President Obama told the press that “challenges are nowhere near as daunting” as when he came into office during his Friday press conference. (voanews.com photo)

Let’s look at the economy.  You said, “The good news is the economy clearly is getting stronger.  Things are getting better.”  And you claim “we’ve recovered faster and come farther from the recession than almost any other advanced country on Earth.”  Wrong.  We are mired in the slowest recovery ever!

What about the four per cent drop in real median household income under your watch, Mr. President?  And how about those 11 million workers who quit looking for work … the 11 million who went on food stamps … the increases in prices (food, gasoline and electricity)?  Growth is sluggish.

No, Mr. President, the economy is not looking up.  The national debt continues to climb and seniors have learned that Social Security will go broke in 2030, seven years sooner than when you took office.

You tell us, “there are steps that we could be taking that would result in more job growth, higher wages and more relief for middle-class families,” and repeat your tired scolding of Congress who “we have not seen willing or able to take those steps.”  Wrong again.  Click here to see a list of jobs bills passed by the House that languish in the Democrat-controlled Senate.

How about foreign affairs, Mr. President?  Less daunting than when you took office? The Middle East is worse. Iran is closer to having a nuclear capability. North Korea continues to toy with you. You blew it in Egypt.  You got us out of Iraq, but left without a status of forces agreement that perhaps could have prevented the recent takeover of cities our troops fought hard to control with loss of lives.

Putin has gotten the best of you in Syria and Ukraine and Hillary Clinton’s Russian reset is a joke.  What happened to the “flexibility” you told Dimitry Medvedev you would have after the election, Mr. President?

Today, our southern border is a sieve.  You caused the influx of undocumented people from Central America and now blame the Republicans for their unwillingness to support your answer to the problem.

America has become the laughing stock of the World, primarily because of your lack of leadership.

Ramierez cartoon

Political cartoon courtesy of Michael Ramirez, Investor’s Business Daily.

Finally, you probably don’t consider the rampant corruption in your administration daunting, but I remind you, Mr. President, of the Fast and Furious gun running …  ObamaCare … the Benghazi attack … the FBI botching of the Tsarnev brothers investigation … Secret Service hanky panky … the IRS and VA scandals … the illegal swap of five terrorists for Sergeant Bergdahl and the CIA spying on the Senate. These are not “phony scandals” as you have chosen to refer to them.

If all of these challenges had faced President Bush, Democrats would be talking about impeachment.



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