President Obama, no; Bill and Hillary Clinton, okay

By now you’ve heard that Democrat candidates in key races don’t want the president campaigning for them. But Bill and Hillary Clinton are okay.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll never forget how Bill Clinton sullied the White House, our house, while carrying on an affair with Monica Lewinsky.

As the media gave its obligatory “ho hum” after Lewinsky’s reappearance last week, “Good ole Bill” is out speaking for candidates, where the president is persona non grata.

Bill Clinton (

What does it say about Democrat Party candidates who ask Bill Clinton to campaign for them, but tell President Obama to stay home? (

So there he stands, his white hair flowing, his glasses on the end of his nose and his finger waving, trying to appear statesman-like, while telling people who they should vote for.  After all, the Lewinsky thing was 16 years ago. Old news.  He currently has a 64 percent approval rating, and has  appeared for nearly all of the candidates in close races.

Then there’s Hillary, who wants to be president. Obviously, she’ll travel to  support any Democrat candidate as long as the  appearance doesn’t conflict with a  six-figure speaking engagement fee.  And she will expect those candidates to support her run for the presidency.

How can voters seriously take the advice Bill and Hillary are giving them?  While Bill is happy to take corporate contributions to support the Clinton Foundation, Hillary slams some of those same contributors by telling voters that  corporations and businesses don’t create jobs. Wash Post Clinton

How many individuals just becoming of voting age know this history? (

Hillary thought she was being quite clever when she related the story that Bill had brought arithmetic to Washington. Yes, he did.  1 (blue dress) + 1 (cigar) + 1 (indictment for obstruction of justice) = impeachment.  Simple arithmetic.

How can anybody take this pair seriously?




And she wants to be president, Part 7

When you think she couldn’t dig a deeper hole for herself as someone who desperately wants to be president, Hillary Clinton just keeps on digging and giving.

politifact_photos_clinton_finger_point (AP Photo)

Hillary Clinton says, corporations and businesses don’t create jobs, during a campaign rally for Martha Coakley. (AP photo)

“And don’t let anybody, don’t let anybody tell you, that, you know, it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs,” she told her liberal followers at a campaign rally for Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley last week.

She attempted to walk back her statement later saying she “shorthanded” that comment, hoping we would think she was speaking off the cuff, but I don’t buy it for a minute. Click here, and watch and listen to how deliberate she spoke as she rubbed her hands together with satisfaction.

I have to imagine that many corporations and businesses, who have contributed to the Clinton Foundation, are rethinking that decision. And, looking to 2016, do they want another anti-business individual in the White House?

Ernst (

Iowa conservative candidate Joni Ernst was attacked by Hillary Clinton, who said, “It’s not enough to be a woman.” (the

Just days later, while appearing at a campaign rally in Iowa for Democrat senatorial candidate Bruce Braley (or is it Bailey?), she implied that if Republican Joni Ernst won, women would lose preventive medical procedures like mammograms.

So there she stood, the self-anointed savior of women in the world, telling Iowa women to vote for a man over a woman, because, “It’s not enough to be a woman. You have to be committed to expand rights and opportunities for all women.”  Two more liberal women, Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, continued the Democrat war on conservative women in Iowa last night. Both continued to press the single-issue of reproductive rights.

The campaign to fill the vacancy of retiring Senator Tom Harkin, who has been in Washington as a representative and senator for four decades, is extremely close, but the Republican Party couldn’t have a stronger candidate than Joni Ernst.

Hillary Clinton at a microphone is a gift that keeps on giving.

NOTE: And she wants to be president parts 1-6 can be found in the archives at right.


What Difference

ObamaCare IS a mid-term election issue

I found it interesting that John Harwood, appearing on CNBC’s Squawk Box, declared ObamaCare a non-issue in the up-coming mid-term elections.

From past poll coverage given by the NBC units – NBC News, MS/NBC and CNBC– the record shows that when polling doesn’t favor the Obama administration, NBC chooses to ignore the results.

CNBC’s parent company, NBC News, regularly collaborates with The Wall Street Journal on voter polling.

Meanwhile, a six-column banner headline across the top of a first section page of the Oct. 15, 2014 Journal reads, GOP Holds Better Hand Amid Wild Cards, with no mention of ObamaCare.

As poll writers do, they often fashion questions to give the respondent a choice. In this instance, the poll asked, “Do you want a candidate who will give ObamaCare a chance to work with changes, repeal or start over?” The majority in this case want somebody to give it a chance to work.

In the NBC/WSJ poll Just last month, 48 percent continued to oppose ObamaCare, while just 34 percent favor it. Most respondents with an opinion said they felt strongly about their position; 82 percent of Republicans feel it’s a bad law, while 63 percent of Democrats say it’s good.  Among Independents, 51 percent say its bad, 26 percent say it’s good.

Harwood’s commentary, unfortunately, bore some good advice for the GOP. The Obama administration’s practice of cover-up and stonewalling tends to drag out important issues so long that the public tires of them. That not only goes for ObamaCare, but the long list of scandals it faces.  Meanwhile the Democrat Party continues to peddle the line, “people will learn to love the law.”

“President Obama’s healthcare law is the gift that keeps on giving to the GOP,” wrote Scott Rasmussen, who also does regular public policy polling. In his recent op-ed in the Washington Examiner, he referenced health industry expert Bob Laszewski, who says, “Democrats who think the issue will fade by Election Day are engaged in ‘Wishful thinking.’”

Senators Cruz and Mike Lee (

Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee vigorously fought to repeal ObamaCare. (

Republican Senator’s Ted Cruz and Mike Lee worked vigorously to gain support for the repeal of ObamaCare, and lost support from their own party in the process. Senatorial candidates in key state races, however, are aggressively tying their opponents to Obama and the health insurance mess.

It’s important for candidates to relate stories of their constituents, who have been affected by this flawed health insurance scheme. Testimonials of increased premiums and deductibles, and the loss of jobs will register with voters.

Beyond the personal insurance problems being experienced, the fact is that ObamaCare reduces the number of hours people work, making their contribution less productive. Of course, this slows growth in personal income and the GDP.

As ObamaCare continues to weaken the economy, maybe we need to bring back that old campaign slogan: It’s the economy stupid.

Cruz quote (





Know when it’s time to resign

He (Panetta) is a guy who has had a long and storied career in Washington and has really served his country well. And it is kind of sad that in its twilight he’s done such a dishonorable thing by – at a time – by going after the president that he served at a time of a lot of different instabilities around the world.”

Bill Burton (

Former Obama spokesman Bill Burton was called upon to put down Leon Panetta. (

 One would think the Obama administration could have provided someone with a bit of gravitas to appear on CNN to support the president amidst the latest attacks in Leon Panetta’s new book. The quote above, however, comes from Bill Burton, a former Obama spokesman, who left the West Wing more than three years ago.  Some say he left because he wasn’t picked to replaced former Press Secretary Robert Gibbs

While I am certainly not an admirer of Burton and his usual “shoot from the hip” remarks about Republicans, I must admit I agree with the first part of his statement about Panetta’s service. As I have previously written, however, I believe cabinet members, staffers and military officers, who disagree with their commander-in-chief’s positions, should do the honorable thing and resign.

The individual need not hang out all the dirty laundry in his resignation statement, but it shouldn’t be an “I’m retiring to spend more time with my family” cop-out either. It should be a clear statement that he/she opposes the president’s position on – subject – and, as a matter of integrity, I believe the president  deserves to fill my position with someone who fully supports him.

I’ve been following the political scene long enough to realize that most administration appointees simply hold down their desks until the next administration, hoping they’ll be selected for the next plum position.  And, there are those generals in the Pentagon looking for that next star, next chief-of-staff job, or joint chief slot. Continue reading

Does the GOP really need to say what it is for?

Okay, okay, okay …. I understand what you’re saying. The Republican Party needs to say what it’s for; what it would do to return the government to the people.

With all of the reading and research I do, a close friend of mine continues to advise me – ME – as to what the GOP needs to do.   His latest push was to bring to my attention Peggy Noonan’s column, Republicans Need a Direction.

In effect, Noonan seems to foresee another 2012 election, when few people thought President Obama, with his lousy record, had a chance of winning. Mitt Romney won the initial debate hands down, but he listened to establishment advisors, who told him not to  attack and present a “nice guy” image.  That bad advice, a poor turnout of Republican voters, and another masterful get-out-the-vote by “team Obama” sunk the GOP.

Noonan (

Columnist Peggy Noonan’s pieces appear in the Wall Street Journal. (

“In a year when Republicans are operating in such an enviable political environment, why aren’t their U. S. Senate candidates holding big and impressive leads? Why does it look close? Why are party professionals getting worried?

The Democrat president is unpopular (again). What progress can be claimed in the economy is tentative, uneven, feels temporary. True, unemployment is bad and people who have jobs feel stressed and hammered by costs. Americans are less optimistic than they’ve ever been in the modern era, with right-track/wrong-track numbers upside down.  Scandals, war, uncertain (no) leadership – all this has yielded a sense the whole enterprise of the past six years just did not work.” 

So wrote Noonan, adding, “If Republicans can’t make, catch and ride a wave in an environment like this, they’ve gone from being the stupid party to the stupid loser party.” Continue reading

It can all be traced back to President Obama

You may be shocked by the current revelations of security screw ups by the Secret Service, but you shouldn’t be surprised, because it can easily be traced back to the culture in the White House.

Obama (

Evidence of a culture of “whatever” in the Obama White House continues to mount. (

We have a president who regularly flouts the rule-of-law. He has made changes and waivers to existing law; he was found guilty by the Supreme Court for making illegal recess appointments; he traded five Guantanamo prisoners for Sergeant Bergdahl without Congressional approval; and he’s set to implement a broad amnesty on his own following the mid-terms.

On the morally unethical side, President Obama flew to a fundraiser in Las Vegas after our ambassador and three other Americans were killed in the Benghazi attack and, he was on the golf course just minutes after “grieving” with the parents of James Foley, who was beheaded by ISIS.

What kind of respect can government employees in our various departments and agencies have for a president who laughs off inefficiencies and in some cases criminal activities, as “phony scandals.” Continue reading