Legacy-minded Obama hands GOP campaign issues

It’s amusing to see President Obama, so set on his legacy of met campaign promises that he doesn’t see that his failures not only doom his legacy, but hand the eventual Republican nominee issue upon issue to use against Hillary Clinton.


President Obama has handed the eventual GOP nominee a long list of issues to use against Hillary Clinton, who will be running for Obama’s third term. (deathandtaxesmag.com)

Unfortunately, in the process of his attempt to transform our nation, he is destroying the fabric of America. And he still has 13 months to complete his mission.

His lack of a foreign policy has made the United States a laughing stock. His feckless inability to commit to a strategy to rid the Middle East of ISIS and al Qaeda is further evidence of his failure to use the military power at his disposal.

The nuclear agreement with Iran is so important to the president’s legacy that he’s willing to sign it regardless that it doesn’t stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, and will provide Iran with billions of dollars to pursue its “death to America and Israel” goal.

Meanwhile, Russia’s Putin operates as he wishes in the Middle East.

His former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, who he once said will go down as one of the best secretaries of state, failed to secure the consulate in Benghazi and is under investigation by the FBI for mishandling documents she should have instinctively known were classified.

He’s still set on closing our detention facility at Guantanamo, convinced that it has bred a dislike for America around the world and serves as a recruiting tool of radical Muslims.

Domestically, ObamaCare, once considered the cornerstone of his domestic legacy, continues to hemorrhage as premiums and deductibles increase, and we still have some 30 million uninsured.

He has stopped the Keystone pipeline project despite the fact that the majority of Americans, including the unions, believe it should go forward. It is a job killer and the movement of oil by train or on our highways will increase the carbon footprint.

In addition, he will be offering our taxpayer dollars to fund the climate change initiative at the Paris climate change conference next month.

He and his justice department have demoralized our law enforcement community across the nation. He dispatched Eric Holder to Ferguson to support a phony scenario that a white policeman killed an unarmed black who had his hands raised. Since then, in other Democrat controlled cities, like Baltimore and New York, the police are unable to perform their duties. Racism has increased under his watch.

The culture of corruption has gone unabated in the Obama administration in the Veteran’s Administration, the Internal Revenue Service, the General Services Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency and now the Department of Homeland Security.

While the president touts a 5.3 per cent unemployment rate, we know that our labor participation has dropped to 62 per cent, the lowest since 1977. His answer is to increase the minimum wage and to increase infrastructure funding. Remember those “shovel ready” jobs?

In 2010, Obama determined the government could better operate the student loan program than the banks. It is now $22 billion in the hole.

Of course there’s a long list of executive orders, on immigration and in other areas where he has chosen to avoid Congress. And, there’s his defense of Planned Parenthood’s funding abortions and the selling of fetal body parts.

Whoever the candidate we put forward, Obama has served his misssteps on a platter.



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