The wasted New Hampshire primary

It’s over, and nothing has changed, except I no longer have to listen to the ridiculous stories about New Hampshire voters, who don’t make up their minds until they step into the voting booth. Balderdash! For what? The entire effort there was for naught, a waste.

The “live free or die” people of the Granite State had an opportunity to right the GOP ship, giving us a clear choice going forward, and they failed us.

I know, you like what Donald Trump is saying, but can you really imagine him as president of the United States. Really?

Sen. Marco Rubio had the momentum coming out of Iowa, but a sour grapes Gov. Chris Christie aimed to bring him down in the debate with his childish attack. The media – including Fox – helped by replaying the debate confrontation over and over and over right up to the opening of the polls.

Yes, Rubio repeated the point he wanted to make, but Christie and the others have all done that during the campaign. It’s what all candidates do in a campaign.

The fickle voters of New Hampshire bought it. They stopped Rubio, and any hope of slowing the runaway Trump “promises” train, and in the process cut Christie off at the knees, after he invested nearly everything in their state. Christie will likely have to drop out of the race.

So Christie, rather than attacking Trump, sacrificed his candidacy by going after the third place guy, Rubio. How smart was that?

Gov. John Kasich, God love him, finished second after putting all of his eggs in the New Hampshire basket. But for what? He now heads to South Carolina where he has no established ground game and little name recognition.

The “also rans” – Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. Jeb Bush – barely stayed alive, bunched up with Rubio right on the heels of Kasich. So nothing has really changed; they’ve just rearranged the chairs on the Titanic.

Trump has promised to support the military, to restore the strength of our weakened forces and to take care of veterans by correcting the mess in the Veterans Administration once and for all. That should help him in South Carolina.

I simply don’t see a Trump train wreck in the future. It is his to lose.

One good thing came out of New Hampshire. Sen. Bernie Sanders, king of the government giveaways, humiliated Hillary Clinton. She’s likely to bounce back in South Carolina and Nevada, although minority voters will have to choose between a king or queen of giveaways.

Stay tuned.








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