Trump supporters – are you happy now?

Trump 001

This pullout from a recent comic strip panel by Gary Trudeau says it all.

Yes, I know, you’ve had it with Washington. You helped give the GOP the majority in the Senate, and they didn’t follow through with promises. Along came Donald Trump and you liked what he was saying; political correctness be damned.

I hope you’re happy now, because it appears there’s no turning back. Trump has been allowed to bully his way to several primary victories and two digit leads in most of the state primaries ahead.

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are fighting it out in second place, struggling to put a dent in Trumps lead.  Cruz could take his home state of Texas, but it looks unlikely that Rubio can win his home state of Florida.  Since some 50,000 New Yorkers annually move to Florida, you can imagine that many of them are Trump supporters when pollsters call.

The Republican Party had the strongest bench going into the 2016 presidential race, but the voters have been suckered by the likes of a carnival huckster. Yes, a con man.

elian-gonzalez(alan diaz photo)

Remember the uproar when Federal agents forced their way into a Miami home to seize Elian Gonzalez? Will this scene be repeated thousands of times in a Trump presidency? (alan diaz photo)

Trump says he’s going to deport illegals living in America. He doesn’t explain how. I’m reminded of when Federal agents forced their way into a Miami home to snatch little Elian Gonzalez. And that was for a single individual.

He tells us he’s going to build a wall on the Mexican border. “I’m the only one who knows how to do this,” he says. And, the Mexican government is going to pay for it. How?

He says he will repeal ObamaCare, but he cannot lay out his replacement for us to examine. During the most recent debate, he said there would be a number of plans. And most of us remember how he supported a single-payer system.

When he was asked how he was going to pay for his tax plan during the Thursday debate, he couldn’t respond with significant equivalent cuts.

I could go on with his stealth foreign policy dealing with China, Russia, Iran, North Korea. He boasts that he can broker a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians.

Most notable is Trump’s rough-around-the-edges language, lack of character and statesmanship. And his gutter comments about fellow GOP candidates are simply uncalled-for.

Trump appears to be on his way to the Republican nomination. I hope I’m wrong. I’ve said before that it is Trump’s to lose, but so far his words and actions have not changed his course.

I’m not happy.


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