Worry that refugees could be radical Islamists; Duh!

While most of us realistically fear there could be radical Islamists among the Syrian refugees the U.S. is taking in and relocating in each of the states, we now learn that refugees now fear they may be in their midst.

An obituary of the Ansbach, Germany bomber, published by the Islamic State mentioned that he had fought with the group in Iraq and Syria, caused a stir in a refugee camp to the north of Ansbach.

“You ask yourself whether you’re doing the right thing and whether you’re doing everything you can,” said an individual who runs the refugee camp. The concern of radicals in their midst not only affects other refugees, but Germans who work with them. While some brought their radical ideology with them, others adopt it after arriving.

Germany has agreed to take in a million refugees and most have arrived with little or no vetting. Germany’s federal criminal investigation unit is now investigating some 60 cases of suspected refugees already in country, after receiving more than 400 tips about possible radicals.

As I posted earlier, some 10,000 Syrian refugees are now living in the U.S. and Hillary Clinton wants many more admitted. Donald Trump, concerned about the vetting process, wants a temporary hold on additional admissions.

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