Time to remember Margaret Thatcher

The next time you hear Hillary Clinton talk about another huge stimulus to fund the biggest enactment in good paying jobs since World War II (more shovel-ready jobs) … free community college … student debt relief … day care assistance … Hillary Care with lower premiums and deductibles … and the other free stuff, remember the words of a proven female leader, Margaret Thatcher.

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This is a portrait of a proven female leader, Britain’s Margaret Thatcher. (abc.net.au)

During an interview with Liew Gardner for Thames Television, Thatcher was asked about the timing of Conservative plans to bring down the Labour Party.  The words in parenthesis are mine, inserting “Democrats” in place of the British Labour party.

“They (Democrats) always run out of other people’s money,” she said, “It’s quite characteristic of them (Democrats). They (Democrats) then start to nationalize everything, and people just do not like more and more nationalization, and they’re (Democrats) now trying to control everything by other means. I think they’ve (Democrats) made the biggest financial mess that any government’s ever made in this country for a very long time, and socialist governments (Democrats) traditionally do make a financial mess. I would much prefer to bring them (Democrats) down as soon as possible.”

As we are experiencing the weakest economic recovery since 1949, Clinton plans to fund her giveaways by imposing higher taxes on the top one per cent of earners, who already pay more in taxes than the bottom 90 per cent. The top one per centers pay 35.06 per cent of taxes, according to the latest available figures (2011).

Incidentally, the top one per centers experienced a significantly higher tax burden with the highly criticized Bush “tax cuts for the rich,” as their taxes climbed to 40 per cent.

We simply cannot allow another big government individual to become president.

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