Dems, Hillary campaign attack religious freedoms

“It’s no secret that progressive elites (Democrats) despise religion, but it’s still striking to see their contempt expressed so bluntly as in the leaked e-mail claims that include Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.” – The Wall Street Journal


Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta is at the center of a controversy over e-mail insults of Catholics and evangelicals. He is shown here in a conversation with Clinton aide Huma Abedin aboard the Clinton airplane. (AP photo)

Most of the media has ignored the slanderous remarks from Clintonistas while concentrating on decades-old indiscretions of Donald Trump. MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” gave extensive coverage to Trump accusers without mentioning the insults against Catholics and evangelicals made by Podesta and Clinton’s communications director Jennifer Palmieri.

Fox gave the story extensive coverage, but CBS, NBC, PBS, along with MSNBC, reported only on the leaks without mentioning the attack on Catholics and evangelicals. ABC didn’t report the story at all. All major newspapers failed to mention the insult to Catholics and evengelicals. The “Clinton machine” at work.

In a note from George Soros’ Center for American Progress colleague John Halpin to Podesta and Palmieri, Halpin mocks leading Catholic conservatives and says, “(they) must be attracted to the systematic thought and severely backwards gender relations.” Palmieri responds, commenting that she imagines they “they think it is the most socially acceptable political conservative religion,” before extending her insult to evangelicals, stating “their rich friends wouldn’t understand if they became evangelicals.” To which, Halpin answers, “good point.”

All of this opposition to people of faith by Democrats isn’t new.

In 1954, President Lyndon B. Johnson, a Democrat, successfully passed the Johnson Amendment, a little-known amendment that restricts the first amendment rights of churches and faith-based organizations. Trump has pledged to repeal this amendment if elected.

While conservatives and most Republicans believe in the effectiveness of individual and church-based charity, Clinton’s platform supports a centralized bureaucracy that sends out welfare checks.



Recently we have seen how the Little Sisters of the Poor had to take the Obama administration to the Supreme Court over its contraceptive beliefs.  And, who can forget Obama’s “cling to their guns and religion” statement?

You may not be aware that in the past few years the Obama administration has placed ridiculous restrictions on military chaplains. They are prohibited from having a Bible on their desk, and have been directed to conduct homosexual marriages.

“The government is on a search and destroy mission as far as our religious freedom is concerned.” – Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council

We cannot allow Hillary Clinton to win the presidency. Think about her Supreme Court appointees.  

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