Corruption, term limits, ObamaCare costs, and Obama’s expense account for the Paris climate change meeting

Here is some insight into a few items in the news.

“Evidence keeps turning up suggesting that the FBI probe into her (Hillary Clinton’s) emails was influenced by political favoritism and double standards.” – The Wall Street Journal


Birds of a feather, Hillary Clinton and Terry McAuliffe. (

MORE CORRUPTION – Virginia’s Democrat Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton, already under investigation for accepting $120,000 from a Chinese businessman, is now under investigation for contributing some $467 million from his PAC to the state senate campaign of the wife of the FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe. The donations to Mrs. McCabe were made after the FBI launched its pitiful probe into Clinton’s e-mails.

“All of this asks voters to believe that Mr. McCabe as the No. 3 official at the FBI had nothing to do with the biggest, most sensitive case at the agency.  This strains credibility,” the Wall Street Journal reported. “Let’s get some of the FBI agents under oath and see what they think of the Comey procedures.  If it’s all on the up and up, they have nothing to fear from public transparency.”

TRUMP’S PLAN to drain the swap in Washington DC includes the endorsement of a constitutional amendment to impose term limits for representatives (six years) and senators (12 years). Trump supporters, fed up with the broken system, are among those who are demanding changes in Washington, but 75 per cent of Americans support term limits according to Gallup. Trump has also outlined a plan to restrict lobbying by former congressmen and White House staffers. How does someone like Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev), who was raised in poverty and has been a public servant nearly all of his life, build a net worth estimated at $10 million?

WHERE’S NANCY PELOSI NOW? Certainly, you remember how Rep. Pelosi (D-CA) told us they had to pass the Affordable Health Care legislation to see what was in it in 2010. Then, in 2014, doing her best impression of a third-grade school teacher, she reminded us that ObamaCare was affordable. Click here. Today, we learned that the premium for a 27-year-old buying the second-cheapest “silver” plan, will jump 116 per cent in Arizona. The GOP has a plan to replace ObamaCare, Hillary wants to tweak her way into a single-payer system.


Bill and Hillary getting their stories straight. (Wesley Hitt/Getty images)

HIV/AIDS FUNDING – Remember how Hillary Clinton skirted the question over the Clinton Foundation and the pay-to-play controversy, and began gushing over the role of the Foundation’s role in fighting HIV/AIDS during the last debate?

She would have you believe that the Foundation is doing yeoman’s work in funding the fight against HIV/AIDS, but it is estimated to be less than $250,000, while you and I (we taxpayers) have been funding HIV/AIDS at the rate of $30 billion a year. Then government has budgeted $34 billion for FY-2017.

JUDICIAL WATCH – If you don’t watch Fox News or listen to conservative radio talk shows, it’s likely you’re not aware of the watchdog service being provided by The Judicial Watch*.


(Logo courtesy of Family Security Matters)

While most of you throw up your hands and say, “what can I do? Everyone in Washington is corrupt,” Judicial Watch frequently files Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for documents while carrying out their investigations.

For example, while President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry and the Democrat nominee for president Hillary Clinton continue to scare Americans by promoting the dangers of climate change, JW learned that it cost taxpayers $4,324,171.60 for Obama and his staff to attend the 2015 Paris Climate Change Conference, reportedly burning 300,000 tons of carbon dioxide in the process.

The Obama administration has spent more than $100 billion on climate change programs and you can expect further expenditures on this hoax if Clinton wins the presidency.

JW has been a thorn in the administration’s side with its pursuit of the truth on Hillary’s e-mails, the IRS scandal, election integrity and terrorist tracking.

*The Judicial Watch is a conservative, non-partisan American educational foundation that promotes transparency and integrity in government, politics and the law. Fox and a limited coverage cable network, One America News are the only TV outlets to regularly cover JW investigations, according to its latest newsletter, Verdict.

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