Bret Stephens for Dummies, Part 2

In my Sept. 14, 2016 post, “Bret Stephens for Dummies,” I expressed my disappointment in Stephens for his Wall Street Journal column, “Never Trump for Dummies.” But it wasn’t enough. Yesterday, he felt obligated to twist the knife.

Stephens is one of those wishy-washy Republicans willing to sacrifice his integrity and “live with” four years of Hillary Clinton rather than see Donald Trump in the White House. His Republican Party has “drifted away.”

In his latest rant, he provides a litany of reminders of the GOP he once knew. He’s the only Republican I know who is that impressed with the recent lack of accomplishments of our party. But wait, his examples go back to 1947 and 1980.

I have repeatedly stated that Trump has some serious character flaws, but I believe he is leading a movement that is desperately trying to breathe new life into the Grand Old Party. I have witnessed the GOP morph into another liberal party. The Tea Party, and now the make America great again movement of Trump, want to change Washington DC.

I am afraid that the chances we will lose the Senate are real, and the candidates who lose will be those who distanced themselves from Trump. Do you think all of the Democrat candidates approve of Clinton? No, but they stick with their candidate.

Stephens’ disapproval with Trump isn’t enough. He takes a swipe at Fox’s Sean Hannity for his coverage of the WikiLeaks e-mails (somebody has to cover them), Newt Gingrich for his position on NATO, and William Bennett for his failure to follow his credo on self-discipline and character. No doubt this was Stephens firing back at these gentlemen, who have publicly given their opinions of his desertion from the party.

In an attempt to stop the Trump movement last year, Stephens told his readers, “If by now you don’t find Trump appalling, you’re appalling.” Kinda reminds me of Hillary calling Trump supporters “deplorable” and “irredeemable.”

never_hillary_sign-r2ff7355a504046cf92bb7b3ea0351189_fomuz_8byvr_512-jazzle-com“I don’t see the point of belonging to a party on the increasingly dubious assumption that it’s slightly less bad than the opposition. If I can’t get my Grand Old Party back, I’d rather help build a new one,” Stephens wrote, but he’s choosing an unusual way to do that as he said he would be voting for Hillary during an appearance on Fox this morning.

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