As Election Day Nears

Here are a few items you may have missed in the campaign clutter.

IT’S ALWAYS ABOUT HIM – That petulant narcissist, President Obama, took time away from his awesome responsibilities yesterday to give speeches in Miami and Jacksonville, Florida, and while those appearances were for Hillary Clinton you wouldn’t know it.

The Prez referred to himself 207 times … 110 times in Miami and 97 times in Jacksonville, according to Kyle Olson of The American Mirror. During his Miami speech, he mentioned himself 30 times before getting around to talking about Hillary.

With his principal domestic program, ObamaCare, on the rocks, he’s obviously concerned about his legacy. With troops back in Iraq, that too won’t help.

IF YOU’RE TIRED OF LISTENING TO OBAMA, think of what four years of Hillary will do for your sanity. This 15-second clip will give you a taste of what it will be like. Click here.

BILL’S NOT ON THE BALLOT, is the comeback of the pundits who try to rebuff those who criticize Hillary’s husband, the former president, not only for his past record of sexual harassment, but his comments while campaigning for Hillary. Remember, however, that Hillary has said she would put him in charge of the economy if she’s elected. The mere fact that he’s speaking for her makes him fair game.

THE RIGGED SYSTEM that Donald Trump often refers to is centered on the Department of Justice. It began with former Attorney General Eric Holder, who was held in contempt of Congress for withholding information on Operation Fast and Furious. And it was Holder who protected Lois Lerner and the IRS in the targeting of conservative organizations.

Now Attorney General Loretta Lynch is protecting the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton. Lynch allowed Bill Clinton to meet on her airplane at the Phoenix airport even though Hillary was under investigation at the time.

WikiLeaks e-mails revealed that Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik used his personal e-mail account to tip off Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta of up-coming hearings and legal filings.

Now we learn that the Department of Justice is accusing FBI agents of refusing to stand down on their investigation of Hillary Clinton’s ties to the Clinton Foundation.

The Washington DC swamp needs to be drained, and Hillary won’t do it.

AS I WRITE THIS POST, Donna Brazile is still the acting chairman of the Democrat National Committee, despite her being fired by CNN for feeding questions to the Clinton campaign in advance of at least two primary debates.  It shouldn’t be a surprise.  The former chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who was fired for torpedoing Bernie Sanders’ campaign, is still working on the Clinton campaign.

IF HILLARY IS LEADING IN PENNSYLVANIA why is she, running mate Tim Kaine, President and Mrs. Obama all campaigning in Philadelphia this weekend?

HILLARY CAMPAIGN SIGNS adorn Union offices, but rumors are flying that a number of members actually favor Trump.

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