More observations on the news

In yesterday’s post, I commented on some things in the news that I wanted to be sure you were informed about. Following are a number of other items that deserve your attention; all too many to cover in depth with separate posts.

A LITTLE-KNOWN STORY ABOUT GEN. MATTIS, president elect Donald Trump’s pick to lead the Defense Department. Upon retiring from a 41-year career in the Marines in 2015, he planned a two-week cross-country route to his home state of Washington, zig-zagging along the way so he could personally talk to as many Gold Star Mothers of sons and daughters killed under his command as possible.  He also wrote hand-written notes to every parent whose son or daughter was killed under his command.

TAX CUTS – There’s a mixed bag of reports on tax cuts, personal and corporate, planned by the Trump administration. I suggest you not get too excited at this point as there are many hurdles ahead.

FURTHER EVIDENCE of a party that is so confused by what just happened to them and its prized candidate in the 2016 election, it is considering the selection of Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) to lead it at the DNC. A dissolutioned Howard Dean has backed out of the running.



YOU WOULD THINK IT WAS THE END OF THE WORLD – Trump is being criticized for breaking a long tradition of not talking to foreign leaders prior to being sworn in, as he took congratulatory phone calls from leaders of Taiwan and Pakistan. LOL

FOX BUSINESS CHIEF NEIL CAVUTO’s closing remarks aimed at President Obama’s criticism of Fox on his Your World program Friday was something you need to watch if you didn’t see it. Click here.

DEMOCRAT TALKING POINTS TO THE MEDIA are highlighting a jobless rate that just dropped to a 9-year low, and an improved GDP, to boost President Obama’s domestic legacy, despite the slowest growth rate since 1945. The left is already whining how Trump will be taking credit for an improved economy soon after taking office. Incidentally, the unemployment rate of 4.6 per cent is actually 9.3 per cent when you use the broader measure of unemployment and underemployment, which includes those who have stopped looking and those in part-time jobs who want full-time positions.

IN PREPARATION for Sen. Jeff Sessions’ nomination hearing to become U. S. Attorney General, his use of racist terms are being dispelled and stories of his effort to help blacks in his state of Alabama are surfacing. In one case he went to bat for 37 families facing arrest or eviction over health regulation violations when officials discovered raw sewage flowing across their property. In this community, where the average income was $20,000, the poverty rate above 30 per cent and families (75 per cent blacks) were living in dilapidated trailers. When $12,000 was required to install septic tanks was beyond reach, Sessions marshalled the means to avert the crisis in that community.

OVERHEARD ON SATURDAY MORNING BUSINESS PROGRAM – A guest tired of all the critics of Trump’s appointments of billionaires to cabinet positions remarked that he found it refreshing that there will be people in those positions who have made their fortune before entering public service, referencing those who become millionaires while in office (like retiring Sen. Harry Reid, who lives in the posh Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Washington DC).

DON’T’ EXPECT COMPANIES DECIDING TO LEAVE the U.S. will all get the attention Carrier received from Trump this week, but he has made it known to the business community that it should put such plans on the shelf until they see what he plans to do for business by cutting the corporate tax rate and reducing the regulatory pressure they are facing here.

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