The delusional Obama

I just returned from a news-starved Christmas in London, where my choices were either sensational tabloids, with 60-point headlines over nothing stories on every page, and the tired reporting on BBC television. I did, however, find a magazine, The Week, which claims to contain “All you need to know about everything that matters,” quite refreshing.

the-week-001The Week includes commentary by what they say is “the best of the British and international media.

Surely, you will recall hearing President Obama’s delusional boasts of the reputation he and America enjoy around the world, achieved during his eight years in office.

In a section of the magazine featuring main stories and how they were covered by the media, was this coverage of Obama’s last press conference that gives you a European view.

“Barack Obama defended his policy on Syria, but it’s likely to be remembered as the biggest failure of his presidency. He cited the presence of Russia and Iran in Syria as a reason for not intervening, but those countries only entered Syria after his fateful decision, in 2013, not to punish Assad for using chemical weapons.

The president also cited the disunity of the rebels, but that, likewise, was a product of the lack of meaningful support. The reality is that Obama ducked this challenge, fearful of doing anything to upset his Iran nuclear deal – a deal he hoped would secure his legacy and distinguish him and his “belligerent and quixotic predecessor (Donald Trump).”

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