The left continues to target Bannon

Critics of President Donald Trump and his selection of advisors and cabinet members have again zeroed-in on Steve Bannon, the president’s top advisor and strategist, who will join the National Security Council. As the chief architect of Trump’s campaign strategy, Bannon was accused of racism, sexism and anti-Semitism by followers of the Clinton campaign.

Steve Bannon continues to be attacked by the left. (

As the former head of Breitbart News takes his seat on NSC, the liberal media has, of course, conveniently forgotten that President Obama’s closest advisor, Ben Rhodes, also participated in NSC meetings. He, too, came from a writing background; studying fine arts at NYU and a writer of short stories. Rhodes was said to be the single-most influential voice shaping American foreign policy, aside from the Obama himself.

Where was our occasional Republican, Sen. John McCain, during Rhodes’ tenure on the NSC? Voicing concern, McCain called the Bannon announcement “a radical departure from any National Security Council in history.” Wrong.

As President Trump assembles the NSC to suit his agenda, everyone seems to be an expert. Former NSC advisor to Obama, Susan Rice, of Benghazi lie fame, called Trump’s decision “stone cold crazy.” It must be the right decision.

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