The media at its worst

The media is at it again folks.

FOX CAN’T GET IT RIGHT EITHER – It’s bad enough that the so-called mainstream media is out to do in the president, but when the fair and balanced Fox News digs up outdated material that has since been put to bed in preparation of Angela Merkel’s visit, I get … well, upset.

Yes, President Trump made some disparaging remarks about NATO and the EU in general while campaigning, suggesting they need to do more in support. Most of us agreed. But why surface those old comments when they could be using footage of Vice President Pence speaking at the Munich Security Conference on Feb. 18, when he assured Europe that the U.S. will support the partnership.

Stating that President Trump intends to “stand with Europe,“ Pence said, “Today, on behalf of President Trump, I bring you this assurance: The United States of America strongly supports NATO and will be unwavering in its commitment to our trans-Atlantic alliance.”

THEN THERE’S THE LEFT-LEANING POLITICO, that carried the headline, “The leader of the free world meets Donald Trump,” in preparation of the German chancellor’s visit to Washington.  More hate.

LIBERALS CHARGE GOP AIMS TO STARVE SENIORS, and the sad fact is that many will believe it. The Federal Government does not fund “Meals on Wheels.” This program is funded state by state and community by community through block grants from the Feds, who leave funding to locals. Of course, The New York Times reported “Trump’s budget would kill a program that feeds 2.4 million senior citizens.” CNN’s Jake Tapper referred to the program as being “on the chopping block.” Even The Hill reported the “elimination of funds for Meals on Wheels.”

 THE OPPOSITION JUST DOESN’T GET IT – The USA Today headline, “Trump’s first budget drops populism, GOP foes say,” proves that this leftist rag simply doesn’t get it. With the release of his budget, the paper accuses the president of betraying the people who put him in office after campaigning as an uncompromising populist who would fight for the forgotten poor.

Rep. Rogers (

Steve Bell (

And, as the headline suggests, establishment Republicans, too, are calling the budget “draconian, careless and counterproductive.” As you might expect, USA Today approached two anti-Trump Republicans for comment – Kentucky’s Rep. Hal Rogers, who has served nearly four decades in the House, and was called by the Lexington Herald-Leader “the very model of an old-fashioned pork barrel politician who builds an empire out of government spending.” In addition, Steve Bell, an old-time pol of the 1970s, who has found a home with the Bipartisan Policy Center, a Washington think tank that claims to combine best ideas from both parties but carries a website banner, “Celebrating ten years of productive partisanship.” What?

Establishment politicians and the media still don’t understand that the president intends to follow through with his campaign promises, led by draining the swamp in Washington and cutting waste in government.

Defanging the EPA by 31 percent was number one on Trump’s hit list, and it has included reducing this agency by some 3,000 people, who couldn’t care less how their regulations affected average voters, especially those in rural areas. The State Department, where funds for climate change, the UN and foreign-aid are held, will take a big hit too. And, do you think the people in flyover country will be upset with him cutting funds for the National Endowment for the Arts?

While this budget covers only discretionary spending, most of us understand that the real cuts need to be made to entitlement programs, which Trump has vowed not to touch.





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