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My observations on the news of the day you may have missed.

ANTI-TRUMPERS WOULD HAVE YOU BELIEVE that the President has forgotten his “America First” pledge with his attack on the Syrian airfield from which the Assad government launched its aircraft equipped with chemical weapons. Don’t believe it. Yes, he has voiced opposition to the U.S. being the world’s policeman, and regime change, but he has also shown compassion for the Syrians, especially for the babies who suffered in Assad’s most recent bombing. The president favors safe havens for Syrians in their homeland over support of a refuge program that relocates thousands of them here.

MORE FAUX JOURNALISM – In an article covering Monday’s murder-suicide in a San Bernardino elementary school, the “journalist” recalled “In December 2015, a married couple killed 14 county workers in San Bernardino.” To draw an analogy of the domestic quarrel shooting in the school with the 2015 heinous terrorist attack, both by “married couples,” is ludicrous.

Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan. (

CONGRATULATIONS TO PEGGY NOONAN, who I often quote in my posts. The columnist for The Wall Street Journal was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for commentary for her incisive coverage of the 2016 presidential election. “Ahead of most others,” said WSJ Editorial Page Editor Paul Gigot, “she foresaw Trump’s rise and his appeal to Americans who were frustrated by the leaders of both major political parties. Peggy didn’t shrink from addressing Trump’s many flaws as a candidate, but she always showed great respect for the intelligence of voters and explained the currents of American life and politics that catapulted Trump to the White House.”

IT WAS YOU, HILLARY, IT WAS YOU – There she was, Hillary Clinton, sitting comfortably on a stage at the 2017 Women in the World Summit in New York, last week with fellow liberal New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristoff feeding her softball questions. She took the opportunity to blame everyone except herself for her loss in 2016, including FBI Director James Comey, the Russians and misogyny.

I found it strange that she came out so strong blaming WikiLeaks for publishing the stolen e-mails from the DNC and John Podesta, calling it the “weaponization of information.” Strange because the mainstream media never really covered the contents of the e-mails. If liberal voters didn’t know about the e-mails, how could they negatively affect the outcome?

The Washington Post ran just two stories about the leaks on the front page, but they didn’t cover their content. The Post didn’t cover how Clinton campaign insiders made fun of her.

The meager New York Times coverage, of course, failed to mention the two Times reporters who were mentioned in the e-mails were exposed for their close relationship with the Clinton campaign. One of the e-mails revealed that Times’ reporter Mark Leibovich gave the Clinton an advance read of his articles. Something unheard of in real journalism circles.

On the day after the WikiLeaks revelations about Clinton were released, the Times buried the story on page A14, but put the Trump Billy Bush tape story on page A1

The Media Research Center reported that ABC, CBS and NBC carried stories on Trump amounting to seven times the negative coverage during the period Clinton e-mails were released.

Perhaps political blogger Jim Stinson said it best – “Media Yawns at Explosive WikiLeaks Scandal.”




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