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My observations on the media and things political.

MORE EVIDENCE AGAINST MAINSTREAM MEDIA – ABC, CBS, and NBC has again decided what news you should hear. All three failed to cover the capture of the Mexican suspected of killing U.S. Border Agent Brian Terry, according to the Media Research Center (MRC). The don’t want you reminded of the flawed program – Fast and Furious – of President Obama and then Attorney General Eric Holder.

ABC, CBS, and NBC also failed to cover the first case of a U.S. Muslim doctor being charged with the federal crime of female genital mutilation. The two victims were just seven years old. “Where is the outrage” The hypocrisy is staggering, “writes MRC President Brent Bozell, “The networks, which have for years championed the causes of left-wing feminists and women’s rights are conspicuously silent on this case, and the silence is deafening.”

MORE PILING ON BY THE MEDIAMSNBC’S Morning Joe continues to disgust civil viewers as Joe Scarborough asserted that the president “is not a healthy, normal, well-functioning man,” while his co-host (and fiancé) Mika Brzezinski announced it was time for “the 25th Amendment. Let’s do it!”

MSNBC’s Chris Mathews likened the president to “the weirdo in the basement who calls in a fire alarm just to hear the sirens going past.” In addition, he disgustingly compared Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner to Saddam Hussein’s murderous sons Uday and Qusay.”

TIME magazine published a piece, “How Difficult Would It Be to Impeach President Trump?” And James Warren of Poynter blogged “Could Trump be impeached for bashing the press?”

So anxious to jump on the president for something, Fox’s Shepherd Smith, reporting on the Manchester, England terrorist attack, expressed annoyance that Trump had not issued a statement. Never mind that it was 2 a.m. in Israel and he was most likely sleeping.

Joy Behar of ABC’s The View (does anybody watch this show?) compared the president to Kim Jong Un of North Korea. “You say Kim Jong Yum Yum is crazy? So is he, so is he.”

NOT ALL DEMS ARE MISGUIDED – While Americans have been exposed to anti-Trump remarks made by Democrats and their enabling media, I found it interesting that at least one member of the opposition warns that in the end they will pay a price.

“… let us have the verdict now. We can do the trial later,” writes Ted Van Dyk, active in Democrat political circles for more than 40 years, in a Wall Street Journal op-ed, as he describes the political and media hysteria surrounding the Trump administration.

Regarding those discussions between Trump’s team and Russian or other foreign leaders, Van Dyk says they don’t count as high crimes and misdemeanors, and comments that “such conversations take place all the time in national campaigns.”

He also discredits claims that the firing of FBI Director James Comey was suspicious, referring to his failure to follow normal proprieties of his office, leaking that the president suggested leniency for Mike Flynn. “A presidential suggestion of that nature would be neither illegal or unprecedented,” according to Van Dyk.

Referencing the president’s alleged disclosure of classified information during his meeting with Russian leaders, Van Dyk repeats what we have heard before – that he has the authority to do so – and adds, “I have witnessed other presidents doing it.”

Similarly, he reminds us that other presidents have put in place short term pauses in immigration; yet President Trump’s attempt to legally do so is now tied-up in court.

While Van Dyk believes the president lacks the experience, knowledge and temperament, he concedes that, “If Mr. Trump were a conventional president, these missteps would be shrugged off as growing pains or considered worthy of only mild reproof.”

He explains that while many voters “don’t much like Mr. Trump, they like chaos less,” suggesting that Democrats “are missing real opportunities to influence policy … the tax reform debate is a prime example.”

General Lee statue removed in New Orleans. (national review)

POLITICAL CORRECTNESS – New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, a Democrat, ordered the removal of several statues of Confederate era heroes, including Gen. Robert E. Lee (shown here), in a political correctness move he says demonstrates that his city is inclusive and diverse. Pitiful.







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