Who’s elderly … those CBO numbers … more assaults on the president … and more

Here are my observations on the news of the week.

AT WHAT AGE ARE YOU ELEDERLY? – I think of anyone 70 or over as elderly. That’s why a transcript of Sen. Tim Kaine’s (D-VA) interview on CNN about his concern over the president’s budget caught my attention. “When you cut Medicaid in Virginia about a million people get Medicaid; 500,000 of them are kids, 112,000 of them are elderly people, 186,000 of them are folks with disabilities.”

Kaine should know that Virginia classifies people 65 and over as elderly and they are entitled to Medicare. Recent Virginia statistics reveal that 84 percent of its population 65-74 years of age are on Medicare, while 90 percent of those 75 and over have Medicare.

I would like to ask Kaine how 112,000 elderly individuals are permitted on Virginia’s Medicaid rolls.

Incidentally, the use of “elderly” has been generally supplanted by “senior,” believing that “elderly” has an “old” connotation. Not too long ago, NPR did a piece, “An Age-Old Problem: Who Is ‘Elderly?’” In it, the writer reported that the Philadelphia Metro considers 70 to be elderly.

THOSE CONFOUNDING CBO NUMBERS – Only Democrats believe them, and I will be darned if I know why, because they’re always wrong. To my dismay, no Republican has clearly rebutted the latest numbers on the proposed health insurance plan, and explained the history of CBO missed projections. Karl Rove, appearing on Fox’s The Story with Martha MacCullum, did a masterful job on his familiar white boards this week. I suggest that you click here and take a few minutes to watch him. If it were only that easy to convince those stubborn Democrats.

 GARRY TROUDEAU JOINS THE LEFTIST ASSAULT on President Trump with his Sunday Doonesbury “comic” strip that depicts the president speaking with Trff, a swarthy mustachioed third world thug, about dealing with Speaker Paul Ryan. “I’d hang him from a helicopter blade and fire up the engine,” the thug suggests. “I like you Trff,” the president responds. To which, Trff says, “Is that a ‘yes’ sir? I could get it done by morning tweets.” Despicable.

MORE FROM THE HOSTILE MEDIA – Doyle McManus, writing in the Los Angeles Times, projects, “President Mike Pence,” as he reports “a growing buzz in Washington about a Pence presidency – both from Republicans wistful for the days of a functional White House” and from Democrats hoping for the lesser of two evils.

THE MEDIA IS NOW GOING AFTER JARED KUSHNER, the president’s son-in-law, with a charge that he attempted to set up a back-channel communication source with Russia during the transition. Of course, The Washington Post, in reporting this, failed to mention that this has been a common practice for past administrations.  Who is next on the media attack list? Barron?

ANOTHER VIEW OF THE MUELLER INVESTIGATION – “Republicans should rejoice” over the Mueller appointment, writes Erick Erikson in FoxNews.com. “He’s a nonpartisan consummate professional, and if there was no collusion with Russia, then Mueller will say so.”

VIDEO SHOWS ABORTIONISTS LAUGHING at eyeballs falling in their laps and pulling off a leg or two, along with a talk of “financial incentives.” The Media Resource Center reported that the Center for Medical Progress released horrific new undercover footage revealing what it’s like inside the National Abortion Federation (NAF). Planned Parenthood employees make up roughly half of NAF’s leadership and membership. Don’t look for coverage on the mainstream media.

Choice Democrats are first to predict children will die under the president’s proposed  budget, but think nothing of taking the life of children through abortion.

AND FINALLY … A SERIES OF NEWS CLIPS TO MAKE YOUR DAY – All you have to do is click here and your laughing will come automatically.



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