Comey’s testimony … Gore agrees … professor John Kerry … and those student loans

Here are my observations on the news of the day.

MSNBC’s lineup of evening Trump haters. (

THE MEDIA IS ALL AGOG over former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, which wants to hear what the president asked of him in private regarding the investigation of Michael Flynn.

As I noted here earlier, if the president asked him to do anything improper, he should have told him that at the time and immediately reported it to the DOJ.

“Sanctimoniously and in retrospect, I suspect we’re going to see James Comey play the role he loves to play the most, which is as the only honest man in Washington D.C,” quipped former Bush advisor Karl Rove.

WHY IS IT that Congressional investigators have called former FBI Director James Comey to testify about his one-on-one conversation with President Trump, but there’s no interest in calling upon former Attorney General Loretta Lynch to testify about her one-on-one meeting with former President Clinton on the tarmac at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport?

GORE AGREES – In my June 1, 2017 post on the president pulling the U.S. out of the Paris accord, I wrote that cities and states, businesses large and small and individuals would continue to practice sound environmental policy. And we wouldn’t have to send billions of dollars to undeveloped countries, who – let’s be serious – would do little to reduce carbon emissions. On Fox News Sunday, Al Gore seemed to agree, saying, “Make no mistake about it, this country is going to continue to solve the climate crisis.”

FOX’S CHRIS WALLACE tipped his hand as being opposed to President Trump’s pull out of the Paris accord during his Fox News Sunday broadcast. Wallace repeatedly interrupted EPA head Scott Pruitt during his interview on the president’s decision, while allowing Al Gore to go on and on without interruption. Check it out online.

JUST CURIOUS – After writing in my June 3, 2017 posting about John Kerry surfacing to criticize President Trump’s pull out of the Paris accord on climate change, I became curious about his whereabouts. Who would hire someone who led two failed negotiations – the Paris Accord on climate change and the Iran nuclear deal?

Why, academia, of course. He landed a job at his alma mater, Yale, where he is teaching a course as well as hosting presentations called “Kerry Conversations,” featuring discussions he has had with world leaders, in the university’s Jackson Institute for Global Affairs.

As a distinguished fellow for global affairs, he will engage students in “some interesting efforts to think differently about a number of problems we face today ranging from climate to development challenges, and a host of things that require new thing thinking, fresh thinking,“ Kerry told the New York Times.

To me, Kerry and fresh thinking is an oxymoron. It was Kerry, who once said that climate change poses as much a threat as ISIS. While in Vienna last year, to negotiate a global deal to phase out chemicals used as refrigerants, he said that, like ISIS, refrigerants are a threat to life on this planet.

And the all-knowing Kerry said that more kids will have Asthma in the summer because the president pulled out of the Paris accord. As someone who has had Asthma, the ailment does not know the seasons. My Asthma was at its worst in the winter. Typical Democratic scare tactic.

On a side note: Remember how Hillary Clinton kept reminding us how she flew 956,733 miles and visited 112 countries as secretary of state, while her spokesperson had difficulty citing any achievements? Yale proudly stated that Kerry visited 91 countries and logged 1.4 million air miles, but offered one accomplishment – “While in office, he warned about climate change.” Impressive.

Air miles flown and countries visited alone do not a resume make.

THOSE STUDENTS WITH STUDENT LOANS appear to have no knowledge of how they work, and have the mistaken belief that they will not have to pay them back, according to a recent report. A poll of 400 students revealed that 27.50 percent believe the Department of Education will forgive all, or part of, their loan balance; 22.75 percent did not know their current debt balance within $500; 36 percent did not know what their monthly loan payment will be upon graduation; and 24.25 percent are counting on their parents to help them repay their loan after graduation.

And these are tomorrow’s leaders?

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