The FBI’s credibility is at stake … Democrat rep going to prison … obstructionists at work … and a little-known story of a real hero

Here are my observations on a few news items of the day.

MORE COMING TO LIGHT ON FBI AGENT Peter Strzok, who I wrote about in my December 3, 2017 post “Obama Deep State Exists,” but much of it is unverifiable. I will only comment here on information that I have gathered from reliable sources.

In addition to Strzok’s anti-Trump bias reflected in texts he exchanged with his FBI colleague/lover, Lisa Page, details of his role in the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails, are now surfacing.

You may recall my previously stated belief that FBI Director James Comey should have personally participated in the July 2, 2016 interview of Clinton and her attorneys due to the national security significance of the charges.

Strzok was present and conducted the interview, and he was a supporter of Clinton, who was not put under oath, and we are told there is no transcript of the interview. We were also told that there was no documentation of the Loretta Lynch-Bill Clinton airport meeting either.

Numerous reports indicate that it was Strzok, who advised Comey on the development of the wording – changing the punishable “gross negligence” to “extremely careless” – in his statement that “cleared” Clinton.

Why is all of this important? What was Mueller thinking when he added Strzok to his investigative team? Did he think no one would uncover this information? Why wasn’t Strzok made available for Congressional testimony? And why did he quietly remove Strzok from his team months ago?

Humorously, Roger Simon, writing in PJMedia, says Strzok “was sent to Siberia” – transferred to the agency’s human resources department. (Sorry, Gary.)

It again brings into question Mueller’s credibility, which is covered in detail in The Wall Street Journal’s lead December 5, 2017 editorial, “Mueller’s Credibility Problem,” which you can read by clicking here.

IN THE AMERICAN THINKER of December 5, 2017, James Lewis writes, “Mueller’s FBI Will Never Recover Its Good Name.”

He notes that “Robert Mueller has hired more than a dozen partisan Democrat hacks, mostly Clinton contributors, who were hoping for big jobs in the Hillary regime that never was.  Mueller will never, ever regain the kind of respect we used to feel for the Department of Justice and the FBI. Mueller has been part of the in-crowd all of his life, but now the Swamp has finally sprung a trap on itself and regardless of the legal outcome, the real accused in the dock will be one Robert Mueller.” Read the Thinker’s entire piece by clicking here.

MEANWHILE, in response to President Trump’s statement that the FBI is in tatters, his newly appointed FBI Director Christopher Wray felt the need to send an e-mail of support to FBI staffers, calling on them to “Continue to keep moving forward on our critical mission with fidelity, bravery and integrity – keep calm and tackle hard.”

As the unnecessary Special Counsel costs reach $9 million … stay tuned.  If Mueller is as smart as everyone says he is, he will conclude the investigation while Wray still has an opportunity to restore the FBI’s reputation.

THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA didn’t report that Democrat Rep. Corrine Brown, 71, who represented the Jacksonville, Florida district for nearly 25 years, has been sentenced to five years in prison, followed by three years of probation for fraud and other charges related to a purported charity for poor students that she used as a personal slush fund.

WHILE SECRETARY OF STATE Rex Tillerson is criticized for not filling key foreign service positions, you should know that Trump obstructionists are holding up confirmations, which includes Richard Grenell to be our ambassador to Germany.

Lt. Heather Lucky Penney was directed to crash her F-16 into United Airlines 93 on Sept. 11, 2001

STANDING FOR THE NATIONAL ANTHEM – A friend called my attention to the little-known story of Lt. Heather Lucky Penney, an F-16 pilot assigned to Andrews AFB, Maryland on September 11, 2001. After the terrorist hits on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, she was directed to intercept United Flight 93 before it could hit the White House or the Capitol. Without any ammunition or missiles, she, and a colleague flying in another F-16, were to be kamikaze pilots and fly their jets into the airliner before it reached Washington DC. There was no time to arm the aircraft. Fortunately, some brave souls on United 93 caused the terrorists to crash it into Pennsylvania farmland.

My friend suggests that Penney, now a director at Lockheed Martin on the F-35 program, surely stands for the national anthem, and another good reason why the rest of us should.


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