Knowing the players in the real collusion in the DOJ and FBI will help you understand the anti-Trump game

Remember how hawkers used to shout out – “Git your program here! … Ya can’t tell the players widout a program,” when you attended a sporting event? It’s getting that difficult with the players in the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation.


It has all the makings for a not-so-exciting new game called “Political Collusion.”


 “Political Collusion” would be based on the Obama Deep State conspiracy to bring down the Trump presidency; not to be confused with “Russia, Russia, Russia,” the game that failed for lack of facts.

 The game comes with a cast of characters (in caps) who are right out of the Washington Swamp. You need to get to know them before you can effectively understand the game.

ROBERT MUELLER, the former FBI director, was selected by Deputy Attorney General ROB ROSENSTEIN to be the Special Counsel to investigate the possible collusion by President Trump, because Attorney General JEFF SESSIONS recused himself from the Russia charge.

The call for the Special Counsel came from the prompting of FBI Director JAMES COMEY, who leaked questionable material to The New York Times through DAN RICHMAN, a Columbia University professor, after he was unceremoniously fired by the president. As FBI Director, Comey reported to Rosenstein. Much has been written whether Mueller can fairly investigate a matter involving Comey, with whom he had a close personal relationship.

Comey’s deputy, ANDREW MCCABE, had his integrity questioned when it was learned that his wife, JILL MCCABE, accepted a half-million dollars from Clinton family friend, TERRY MCAULIFFE, to campaign in Virginia.

Months into Mueller’s investigation, he relieved PETER STRZOK, an FBI counterintelligence chief, from his position on the Special Counsel team when DOJ Inspector General MICHAEL HOROWITZ uncovered damaging anti-Trump and pro-Hillary Clinton text exchanges between Strzok and his colleague and mistress LISA PAGE.

 “I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office (McCabe) – that there’s no way (Trump) gets elected – but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk,” Strzok wrote to Page during the presidential campaign. “It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event that you die before you’re 40.”

In another text, he wrote of his visit to a Virginia Walmart, where he could “smell” the Trump supporters. Shades of Hillary’s “deplorables” comment.

 Top Mueller lieutenant ANDREW WEISSMANN exhibited his Trump resistance as an Obama holdover when an e-mail he sent to former Obama Acting Attorney General SALLY YATES was uncovered by Judicial Watch. In it he praised her for her for not defending the president’s travel ban and told her he was in awe of her.

We also learned that it was Strzok who conducted the e-mail/Benghazi scandal interview with Hillary Clinton and associates Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills. Note that they were not sworn to tell the truth, and we have been told that there is no transcript or video tape covering that interview. I repeat my belief that Comey himself should have participated in that interview in view of its significance.

Incredibly, it was determined that Comey had Strzok review his exoneration of Clinton BEFORE that interview took place. Strzok deleted the criminal felony wording of “grossly negligent,” and replaced that wording with “extremely careless.” He also admitted that bad actor hacking of Hillary’s e-mails was “probable,” rather than the initial indication of “most likely.”

The involvement of DOJ lawyer BRUCE OHR came into the picture when it was learned that he had been in contact with the CHRISTOPHER STEELE, the author of the flawed dossier on Trump. His wife, NELLIE OHR, worked for Fusion GPS, which hired Steele to develop the dossier.

Representatives Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Trey Gowdy (R-SC) believe that the FBI used contents of the dossier to persuade a FISA Court judge to approve the surveillance of MICHAEL FLYNN, National Security Advisor to Trump, and other Trump team members. The surveillance lead to Yates’ showing her hand as a holdover.

Current FBI Director CHRISTOPHER WRAY, appointed by President Trump in June, has yet to take a position with all of the overwhelming evidence of the overt politicization of the agency. During his recent appearance before the House Judiciary Committee, he was still holding his cards close, refusing to upstage the Mueller investigation and that of his own IG.

Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Newman writes that she hopes the Special Counsel’s findings, whenever they are released, can be treated with respect. “To earn it the investigators must appear every day to be clean as hound’s tooth. Is that how it’s looking?” No, Peggy. It isn’t.

On second thought, I don’t believe that Mattel would view “Political Collusion” as an exciting game proposal. I certainly see no need for a get-out-of-jail-free card.











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