An idea worth considering

By now most of us have committed to memory President Elect Donald Trump’s campaign pledges to help rebuild inner cities, to drain the swamp and restore confidence in our government as part of effort to make American great again. You may not have heard, however, that an idea has surfaced to help him achieve all three of those pledges. Continue reading

Student debt creates ripple effect

A friend recently commented how the Democrats are so free with our money when it comes to their claim that America’s children have a right to free college, while imposing costly regulations on business, that must in turn reduce the number of new hires, leaving graduating students with no job prospects. Continue reading

Time to remember Margaret Thatcher

The next time you hear Hillary Clinton talk about another huge stimulus to fund the biggest enactment in good paying jobs since World War II (more shovel-ready jobs) … free community college … student debt relief … day care assistance … Hillary Care with lower premiums and deductibles … and the other free stuff, remember the words of a proven female leader, Margaret Thatcher. Continue reading

Obama touts his economics prowess despite a meager growth report

“Saving the world economy from a Great Depression, that was pretty good.” – President Obama

Speaking of his legacy, successes and frustrations at a Youth Town Hall in London on April 23, 2016, the president boasted about his handling of the economy, among other issues and events, during his two terms in office despite miserable growth numbers. Continue reading

Time for Kasich to make a move

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Ohio Governor John Kasich (

Faithful readers will recall that I went out on a limb for Ohio Governor John Kasich on May 30, in my post, “Kasich for president in 2016.” His success in Ohio, coupled with his experience in the U.S. House, where he was credited with balancing the budget, was persuasive. And we all know the importance of winning Ohio in the general election.

Later, on Sept. 22, I wrote that unless he does something to catch on nationally as he had in New Hampshire at the time, I would be adding him to my list of candidates who should bow out. Not only did that not happen, but his support has waned in New Hampshire.

I understand that CNBC will narrow the number of candidates qualifying for their televised debate from Colorado on Oct. 28, to just six.  Sadly, if Kasich doesn’t make the cut, and it appears now that he will not, he should bow out.


kramerontheright is on point

On Monday morning I posted a piece, “Guess who will pay for student loan forgiveness,” for this blog. It had been on my “to do” list since Hillary Clinton began spouting her plan to write-off those loans to win votes.

I wrote how it was a bad idea when the Obama administration took over student loans in 2010, “and a disaster today.”

Lo and behold, that night I read how “President Obama Obama turned a relatively small, privately run, guaranteed student-loan program into a massive government-run disaster,” in Investor’s Business Daily entitled, “Obama’s $1.2 Trillion Student Loan Program Is Falling Apart.”

How nice it feels to be on point with a respected publication. Continue reading

Guess who will pay for student loan forgiveness?

Five years ago, I wrote a piece critical of the Obama administration’s takeover of the student loan program. It was a bad idea then, and a disaster today.

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(Cartoon courtesy of

In a sweeping move to cut commercial banks out of the federal loan market, Congress voted to establish still another bureaucracy, ending the 45-year old bank-based program. Huge savings were predicted by not paying the banks for their service.

Just as it was a political ploy by Democrats to gain favoritism among college age young people and their parents in 2010, it’s one of Hillary Clinton’s key topics as she seeks votes from millennials today.

With a goal of adding still another entitlement, Clinton has proposed methods for college students to reduce or write-off their student loans in a plan that she estimates will cost “just” $350 billion over the next 10 years.

We haven’t heard the last from the president on this subject either. You will recall his recent proposal of “free” community college. Surely, he has some other ideas up his sleeve. In anticipation of the loan-forgiveness talk, student loan payments are down.

Who do you think will pay in the end? You and me.

 “The problem with socialism (liberalism and progressivism) is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” – Margaret Thatcher

Parenthesis added to cover Hillary Clinton’s stated Democrat viewpoints.