Hillary mocks Trump’s view of the plight of blacks

“Dwayne Wade’s cousin shot dead while pushing her baby in stroller on South Side.”– Chicago Tribune, Aug. 27, 2016

There stood Hillary Clinton, speaking before a predominantly white audience in Reno, Nev. this week, scoffing at Donald Trump’s comment that “you walk down the street and get shot, and mocking his description of black communities  in insulting terms – “poverty, horrible education, no housing, no homes, no ownership, high crime levels.”  Two days later the above headline appeared in the Chicago Tribune. Continue reading

Those who would sacrifice their integrity to vote for Hillary Clinton

I’m obviously not a progressive and I am opposed to Hillary Clinton becoming president, but I continue to marvel at how so many Americans are willing to sacrifice their values to support her candidacy. Continue reading

Student debt creates ripple effect

A friend recently commented how the Democrats are so free with our money when it comes to their claim that America’s children have a right to free college, while imposing costly regulations on business, that must in turn reduce the number of new hires, leaving graduating students with no job prospects. Continue reading

Time to remember Margaret Thatcher

The next time you hear Hillary Clinton talk about another huge stimulus to fund the biggest enactment in good paying jobs since World War II (more shovel-ready jobs) … free community college … student debt relief … day care assistance … Hillary Care with lower premiums and deductibles … and the other free stuff, remember the words of a proven female leader, Margaret Thatcher. Continue reading

Liberals vs conservatives

The signs supporting Bernie Sanders – “Feel the Bern” and “A Future to Believe In” – have all but disappeared and have been replaced with Hillary Clinton’s “Together Stronger” and “Love Trumps Hate” signs at the Democrat convention. And “love” has found its way into nearly every speech. Continue reading