I was wrong on Kasich; outlook isn’t clear on presidency

Regular readers of this blog will recall that I went out on a limb on May 30, favoring Ohio Governor John Kasich for president in 2016.  I was wrong.


(Courtesy of anniegityourgun.blogspot.com

I liked Kasich for his record on two of the most important issues facing the country today, jobs and the economy.  His experience as the architect of the balanced budget while serving as Chairman of the House Budget Committee when he was in Congress, and his record of job growth in Ohio were impressive.

Kasich’s appeal has fallen victim to the “mad as hell” voters.  We’ve known them before as the “silent majority,” a group of individuals who were dissatisfied, but were complacent.  They didn’t let their feelings known, and worse, they didn’t vote. Continue reading

Our military on “hold” until January 2017

As someone who believes in a strong defense, over the past six years I have watched President Obama weaken our military and the reputation it has enjoyed globally for years.

Austin_Lloyd - Commander, US Central Command

U.S. Army Gen. Lloyd J. Austin III (defense.gov)

I recently witnessed an embarrassing testimony by Army Gen. Lloyd Austin before the Senate Armed Services Committee, in which he said, “Despite some slow movement at the tactical level, we continue to make progress across the battlespace in support of the broader U.S. government strategy to degrade and ultimately defeat ISIS.”

In view of information that reports out of General Austin’s U. S. Central Command were overstated to paint a rosier picture of its success in Iraq and Syria, the Senators weren’t pleased with his testimony. It was learned that analysts were told to revise their reports of U.S. air strike damage to support command assessments of mission success. They were also urged to state that the killing of certain ISIS leaders would diminish the organization and lead to its collapse. Continue reading

Liberals split on which war to accuse the GOP of supporting; going to war with Iran or the war on women

RTX1N6N8cropped (jonathanernstreuters)

Acting more like the commander-in-cheap, the president compared Republicans to Iranian hard-liners in his speech at the American University. (jonathanernst/reuters)

The president continues to say that the only alternative to his nuclear deal with Iran is war, and used a ridiculous analogy in making his case that Republicans want to go to war with Iran.

“Many of the same people who argued for the war in Iraq are now making the case against the Iran nuclear deal,” he told an American University audience yesterday. Need he be reminded that 29 Democrat Senators, including Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, were among those voting in favor of the Iraq resolution?

Acting more like the commander-in-cheap, he likened the Republicans to the hard-liners in Iran saying, “It’s those hard-liners chanting ‘Death to America’ who have been most opposed to the deal. They’re making common cause with the Republican caucus.” How insulting! How unstatesman like.  Someone failed to tell him that they’ve already selected a new host for The Daily Show. Continue reading

We are NOT a war-weary nation, Part 2

In Part 1, I wrote of my concern over the constant drumbeat that Americans have become war-weary, a belief attributed to President Obama, his supporters, and an adoring media.

I believe Americans are Obama-weary.  They simply cannot support a commander-in-chief who is unwilling to use what is still the best fighting force on the planet. And it doesn’t help when his generals echo his belief.


The Military Oath courtesy of the angelfire.com

When I hear the president say he’s not going to send our troops into harm’s way, I am reminded of a recent exchange between Fox’s Melissa Francis and a fellow panelist.  Francis had just made a strong position for U.S. involvement in Iraq when she was asked, “would you send your son or daughter?”  Embarrassingly, she said, “no,” and was not pleased with herself.

There was no reason for her to be embarrassed.  We have an all-volunteer military, a courageous group of warriors, men and women, who sign up knowing that they are signing up for war. Continue reading

A letter writer not among the war-weary

In a letter to the editor of The Arizona Republic, an individual writes, “We are being told that we will not put boots on the ground in the Middle East to defeat ISIS and stop the daily slaughter of innocents because the majority of Americans are opposed to it.”  He adds, “if that’s how decisions are made in Washington these days, then why do we still have ObamaCare?,” referring to two recent CNN and ABC polls that reflect that 55 percent of Americans are opposed to it while just 40 percent favor it. “Obviously, what Americans voters want only matters if it’s also what Washington wants,” he concludes.

I would add … According to the Real Clear Politics Averages, 63.4 percent of the nation now believe the country is on the wrong track, while just 27.6 percent (who are they?!) think we are going in the right direction.  It doesn’t seem to matter to the occupant of the White House.


We are NOT a war-weary nation, Part 1

I’m tired of hearing the president and some politicians talk about how Americans are war weary. The same goes for the pundits who repeat that belief over and over.

The president’s political promises to get us out of Iraq and Afghanistan may satisfy him and the left, but to our enemies it is a sign of weakness.


This graphic courtesy of spenttheyearasaghost.wordpress.com

I wonder what “The Greatest Generation” must think.  Growing up during the Great Depression, many went off to fight in World War II, and others made their contribution at home.  These men and women fought not for fame and recognition, but because it was the “right thing to do,” wrote Tom Brokaw in his book.

In his transformation of our country, President Obama has turned this once strong country into a nation willing to let the Hitler’s, Mussolini’s and Hirohito’s of today slaughter their way across the Middle East, annex neighboring countries and expand their reach.  We have forgotten what it means to go to war to win.

Today we see history being repeated and clearly laid out in a recent op-ed by Victor Davis Hanson, a historian and columnist of note.  He reminded readers how we stood by and allowed Hitler and the Third Reich to terrorize Europe, Mussolini take over much of the Mediterranean and the Japanese war machine occupy much of the Pacific.  Had they just been satisfied with their winnings, writes Davis Hanson, “there was no evidence that the tired Western democracies would ever have stopped them.” Continue reading

Another question for Hillary

In my May 25, 2015 post, “Questions I would ask Hillary,” I mused about the opportunity to ask Hillary Clinton about her role as secretary of state.  My first question concerned her failure to recognize the series of warnings facing the Benghazi consulate over a five-month period leading up to the attack.

Hilklary (Gettyy Images)

If looks could kill. This is the look I could imagine if I had the opportunity to ask her any questions. (Getty Images)

Continuing with the focus on Benghazi, Madam Secretary … and again, please excuse my lengthy lead-in to my question.

As evidenced by documents recently released, prior to the attack, you and your staff were busy behind the scenes developing a scenario that would make success in Libya a notable accomplishment of your tenure at State.

Just one month prior to the attack, Jake Sullivan, your deputy chief of staff, wrote of your leadership on Libya, citing your “ownership/stewardship of this country’s Libya policy from start to finish.”  You were being touted as “the public face of the U.S. in Libya.” Continue reading

Big Blue becomes Big Red, White and Blue

You’ve seen it before.  A handful of malcontents are “offended” by the flying of an American flag or saying a prayer somewhere, and a school or a community caves.

Yesterday, I was stunned to hear that the University of Michigan went weak-kneed over a petition signed by a group of Middle Eastern and North African students.

UM (carpoolcamdy.com)

The giant “M” on the field of the University of Michigan’s Big House does NOT stand for Muslim. (carpoolcandy.com)

They demanded that the film, American Sniper, scheduled to be shown on campus be cancelled, citing “Chris Kyle (the American sniper) was a racist who took a disturbing stance on murdering Iraqi civilians,” adding that “Middle Eastern characters are not lent an ounce of humanity and watching this movie is provocative and unsafe to MENA students who are often reminded of how the media and world values their lives.”

The university’s Center for Campus Involvement, responsible for the UMix scheduling quickly cancelled the showing and stated that “we have elected to pull the week’s program and screen another movie in its place that we believe better creates the fun, engaging atmosphere we seek.”

And what was that replacement film?  Paddington, the misadventures of a stuffed bear.

When word of the cancellation became known, a backlash quickly developed, accusing the university of censorship, forcing a reversal of the decision.

“It was a mistake to cancel the showing of the movie ‘American Sniper’ on campus as part of a social event for students,” said R. Royster Harper, vice president of student life.  His statement went on to point out that “The initial decision to cancel the movie was not consistent with the high value the University of Michigan places on freedom of expression and our respect for the right of students to make their own choices in such matters.”

Harbaugh (foxsports.com)

Big Blue Coach Jim Harbaugh is taking his team to see the film, American Sniper, saying” if it offends anyone, so be it.” (foxsports)

Jim Harbaugh, the university’s new football coach, supported showing of the movie and tweeted, “Michigan football will watch ‘American Sniper. “If it offends anyone, so be it.”

When Big Blue again takes the field at the Big House on Sept. 12, we’ll know that giant maize-colored “M” on the field doesn’t stand for Muslim.

At last a minority group of “the offended” is put in their place … a front row seat at the showing of Paddington at another on-campus location.

Hail to the Victors!




Obama hell bent to strike bad deal with Iran

I have been writing about President Obama’s abandonment of the goal to stop Iran’s development of nuclear weapons in favor of a cockamamie negotiation to further delay that effort.

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is coming to speak to a joint session of Congress this week to tell us about the threat the world faces in Iran, and the president doesn’t like it.

He has turned the dogs loose in a bitter personal attack against Netanyahu and Israel, one of our strongest allies.

Kerrey (nypost.com)

Secretary of State Kerry was sent out to denigrate Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a House hearing. (nypost.com)

Secretary of State John Kerry told the House Foreign Affairs Committee, shamefully said, “The prime minister, as you will recall, was profoundly forward-leaning and outspoken about the importance of invading Iraq under George W. Bush, and we all know what happened with that decision.”  This, despite the fact that Netanyahu wasn’t prime minister at the time,

I didn’t hear anyone challenge Kerry on that statement, so I will. Nearly everyone, including Kerry, and Hillary Clinton, voted to attack Iraq on Oct. 11, 2002.

We captured Saddam Hussein, of whom Kerry said in 2003, “If you don’t believe … Saddam Hussein is a threat with nuclear weapons, then you shouldn’t vote for me.” Continue reading

It’s time we put the Bush “lie” to bed

Harrop (creators.com)

Leftist columnist Froma Harrop blamed George Bush for sniper Chris Kyle’s death (creators.com)

I don’t often read columns by Froma Harrop, who leans to the left, but the headline on her recent piece, “What killed the American Sniper,” attracted my attention having seen the movie.  I knew how sniper Chris Kyle died.  I was living in the Texas hill country at the time and the news of this hero’s death in Stephenville hit the Lone Star State hard.

I should have guessed.  It was another attack on gun ownership, but she didn’t stop there.  It was Bush’s fault that Kyle had to serve four tours in Iraq, the war that “was sold to the American people on the lie that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.”

Over the years, I have written a number of pieces on the Democrat demagogueing of former President George W. Bush with the refrain, “Bush Lied, thousands died.”  And as I began writing on this subject, still another time, I was pleased to see the headline, “The Dangerous Lie that ‘Bush Lied’ in the Feb. 8, Wall Street JournalClick here to read this piece by Laurence H. Silberman.

All of the big guns of the Democrat party – Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, John Kerry, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi – gave fiery speeches in favor of invading Iraq.  But that didn’t stop them from picking up on the “Bush lied” chant.

Of course, we now know there were older WMDs found in Iraq in 2003 when we arrived, and it was plausible that the newer more deployable versions found their way to Syria.  James Clapper, then an intelligence officer during the Bush era, claimed this happened “unquestionably,” after viewing a heavy flow of traffic from Iraq to Syria in satellite imagery just before the U. S. invasion.

I find it interesting that the liberal New York Times, willing to peddle the “Bush lied” mantra for years, was suddenly concerned with the discovery of WMDs in Syria.  Last October it published an eight-part story, “The Secret Casualties of Iraq’s Abandoned Chemical Weapons,” reporting that some 5,000 chemical warheads, shells or bombs were found.

Charles Krauthammer has a term for the inability to acknowledge a scintilla of decency in our 43rd president – “Bush Derangement Syndrome.”

“… it is one thing to assert, then or now, that the Iraq war was ill-advised.  It is quite another to make the horrendous charge that President Bush lied to or deceived the American people about the threat from Saddam ,” wrote Silberman.

It’s time we put “Bush lied” to bed for good.