Liberals vs conservatives

The signs supporting Bernie Sanders – “Feel the Bern” and “A Future to Believe In” – have all but disappeared and have been replaced with Hillary Clinton’s “Together Stronger” and “Love Trumps Hate” signs at the Democrat convention. And “love” has found its way into nearly every speech. Continue reading

Obama wants shareholders to bite the hand that feeds them in effort to push his climate change agenda

On Wednesday, I wrote about auto manufacturers having second thoughts about the EPA’s 2025 fuel efficiency standard they signed-on to in 2011, and the result of getting in bed with big government. They are forecasting difficulty in selling their cars – expected to cost some $6,000 more – in a market where low fuel prices prevail.

Now President Obama and his EPA have their sights set on the fossil fuel industry itself, making it even more difficult for auto makers to sell their cars. Continue reading

Trump the ‘presumptive’ nominee?

Presumptive … presumed in the absence of further information – Oxford dictionary

 “I consider myself the presumptive nominee,” Donald Trump declared following his sweep of the five east coast primaries, “As far as I’m concerned, it’s over.”

Personally, I am not a Trump fan. I just cannot get past his boorish bragging, his callous insults and his inability to articulate policy specifics. I’m not alone. A friend has been sending me articles on Trump, saying “I’m still learning to love him because I may have to vote for him.” Continue reading