Secret Service victim of leadership vacuum

While news of White House “fence jumpers” has disappeared from the media, I thought perhaps it was about time I conveyed my thoughts on the Secret Service.

I believe two factors I have addressed numerous times in this blog – poor leadership and big government – are the causes of the degradation of one of the most highly thought of organizations, the Secret Service.

In my Oct. 1, post, It can all be traced back to President Obama, I said, “You may be shocked by the current revelations of security screw ups by the Secret Service, but you shouldn’t be surprised, because it can easily be traced back to the culture in the White House.”

Dan Emmett. (

Former Secret Service Agent Dan Emmett points to a lack of leadership as a cause in the degradation of the once respected agency. (

Prior to the fence jumping incidents, former Secret Service Agent Dan Emmett, writing in the Washington Post, recalled a well-led agency with many of its top and mid-level supervisors coming from the armed forces.  “They managed and led by the ethos of military leadership, which dictates accomplishing the mission while taking care of those entrusted to them.  They expected much from their subordinates but know that they must set the example to follow,” he wrote.

“The Secret Service today is awash in managers, not leaders.  Many supervisors have little tangible or leadership experience, yet they are designated as managers on the basis of their titles or  long lists of schools attended,” Emmett explained. Continue reading

Put it in writing, Mr. President

Each year, the Speaker of the House of Representatives extends an invitation to the president to present his State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress.

I find it ironic that the  purpose of the presentation is to allow the president to outline his legislative agenda, for which he asks Congress’ approval.

If ever there was a time for the Speaker to ask the president to submit his January report in writing, it is now.  Speaker John Boehner should respond to President Obama’s arrogant, open rebuke of Congress, whether it is his stonewalling Congressional investigating committees or the recent go-it-alone decision on immigration.

supreme court

President Obama rudely chastised the Supreme Court for its decision on Citizens’ United during his 2010 State of the Union Address. Note Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner smiling and applauding at left. (

And let’s not forget how the president used his 2010 address to chastise the Supreme Court over the Citizens’ United decision.  The rude statement served to spur Democrats to intimidate the IRS into targeting conservative groups seeking tax exemption.

I don’t expect this to happen.  The GOP is too skiddish.  Remember how they got blamed for the government shutdown?  Standing up for your principles these days is interpreted as being “mean-spirited.” Continue reading

2013 Ohio State graduates now know tyranny is no longer just around the corner

 “Unfortunately, you’ve grown up hearing voices that incessantly warn of government as nothing more than some separate, sinister entity that’s at the root of all our problems.  They’ll warn that tyranny is just around the corner.  You should reject these voices.”

obama aat OSU (

Speaking to the 2013 graduating class of The Ohio State University, President Obama joked about those who warned that tyranny was just around the corner. (

Those were the words of President Obama, speaking to the 2013 graduation class of The Ohio State University on May 5, 2013.

I was incredulous when I first heard the president give this speech. First, because it wasn’t the uplifting message to leave with graduates, but more so because he used the venue as an opportunity to answer his critics who have challenged his go-it-alone presidency.

In my long career in public affairs, I have learned that every word in a speech given by a president is carefully woven into the message the administration wants to impart on the public.  This speech was devoid of the lofty plans and hopes facing students as he sought to reject those who dislike his policies. Continue reading

Was the president just confused?

When the media asked the president about Jonathan Gruber’s role in the design of ObamaCare during his press conference in Brisbane, Australia, he insisted that he is well-briefed before each meeting with the press, and that Gruber was not on his staff.  Gruber, who has referred to the “stupidity” of the American people, has indicated that he met with the president in the Oval Office and the record shows he visited the White House 19 times.

Goober (

Perhaps the president was just confused when he was asked about Jonathan Gruber. He was probably thinking about Goober (George Lindsay) of Mayberry R.F.D. (

Giving the president the benefit of the doubt … do you suppose he was thinking of this guy?

Melissa Francis reveals CNBC as Obama image protector

Regular readers of this blog will recall past posts in which I have alerted you to the president’s media lap dogs; NBC’s Brian Williams and Tom Brokaw most recently.

I’ve also told you how Sharyl Attkisson was forced out at ABC because they didn’t like her investigative reports on Benghazi and the IRS because she was too critical of the Obama administration.  Most recently she revealed details on how her computers were more than hacked; she watched as material on her monitor was being wiped clean.

Frances (

Fox Business News Anchor Melissa Francis this weekend revealed how CNBC criticized her reporting on the Obama administration. (

This past weekend, Fox Business News Anchor Melissa Francis saw the ever- growing story of ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber’s lies, as the opportunity to reveal the story behind her departure from CNBC.  Miss it?  Click here.

CNBC management told her she was, “disrespecting the office of the president,” by telling the truth.  She told her viewers that it wasn’t possible to add millions of people to the system and force insurance companies to cover their preexisting conditions without raising the price for everyone else.  She also reported Obama’s you can keep your plan and your doctor lies.

Is it any wonder why CNBC’s rating have hit a 21-year low?  Does anyone still watch CNBC or CNN for business news?

As of Saturday evening, a full eight days after the Gruber story broke, ABC and NBC did not cover this story for its liberal viewers.

CBS finally caught up with Fox on the Gruber story Friday evening, and this past  Sunday Bob Schieffer, yes Bob Schieffer, told his Face the Nation viewers that he was “dumbstruck” by Gruber’s remarks.  Click here to watch.

John Banner (

“I know nussing.” was the famous line by John Banner, who played Sergeant Schultz on Hogan’s Heroes. I wonder if the prez used to watch. (

Last week we saw Nancy Pelosi get tripped up when she said she didn’t know who Gruber was, and today, with this story a week old, the President told reporters he just heard about the Gruber “outing.”  Gruber has said on tape that he discussed the health insurance scheme with the president in the Oval Office and records show he visited the White House at least 19 times.  Click here if you’ve slept through this latest scandal.

We also learned that in addition to the $400,000 he earned as a consultant on ObamaCare, he raked in more than $1 million from states like Michigan and Wisconsin.  Records also show he was paid some $5 million in fees by DOJ, HHS, and the NIH.



The failure of big government, Part 2

In my last series of posts, I told you about eight days (Nov. 3 – 11) of events that were clear evidence of the failure of President Obama’s big government scheme.

imagesI posted the first four pieces on those events, beginning on Nov. 3, with the election eve Fast & Furious document dump. The repudiation of Obama’s policies in the Nov. 4, mid-terms, and the Gallup poll in which voters said they wanted Republicans, by a 17-point margin, to lead the nation.

On Nov. 5, an arrogant president was in denial over the meaning of the election and touted a flourishing economy. Then, on Nov. 10 and 11, tapes of how big government Democrats deceived Americans with ObamaCare, its radical health insurance plan, referring to the “stupidity” of voters.

In this post are the remaining news events of the eight-day period to further point to the failure of Obama’s transformation of America. Continue reading

Economy big loser with big government

President Obama would have you believe the economy is doing nicely, thank you. He likes to float job creation numbers, or should I say he likes to create job creation numbers? He didn’t miss a step when unemployment dropped to 5.8 percent.  Oh, and look how well the stock market is doing.  Forget about the Fed.

Certainly, it was the lousy economy that turned voters sour on the failed policies of Obama. “They (Democrats) became the party of economic despair,” wrote Dan Henninger in the Wall Street Journal, “The party of economic despair will always lose.”

Keynesian Democrats continue to push for more spending, and the president’s idea again is to put people to work building roads and bridges.  Remember the Stimulus and those shovel ready jobs?

I’ve written in the recent past how long-term unemployment insurance removes the incentive to work. I recall the president asking Congress to pass an unemployment extension bill that would have turned it into a two-year disincentive.  If Congress had done so, unemployment would have risen.

Too many Americans took advantage of a system that was meant to be a temporary cushion, and stopped looking for work as long as the free ride continued. When it didn’t, they went to work.

The president’s unwillingness to clear the way for the jobs promised by a Keystone Pipeline go-ahead didn’t go unnoticed by voters either as they view big government is for government jobs.




Big government health insurance a failure

Perhaps the biggest example of the failure of big government is ObamaCare.

From the beginning, ObamaCare was doomed. HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was given carte blanche in this law that no one read. Her failed website ate a billion dollars of taxpayer funding.

Changes to the flawed health insurance scam were illegally made as subsidy complications have put some enrollees at risk of IRS penalties.

On Nov. 10, we learned that one of the plan’s architects, Jonathan Gruber, referred to the “stupidity” of Americans on a tape that surfaced of him appearing as a panelist at a University of Pennsylvania on Oct. 17, 2013.  While he tried to pass it off as an off-the-cuff remark, we have learned that he referred to the “stupidity” of Americans in at least two additional appearances.

The stupidity of the American voter made it important for him and Democrats to hide ObamaCare’s true costs from the public, he arrogantly said, “That was really, really critical for this to pass.”

Then, on Nov. 11, we learned that he explained how Democrats played with the language of the health law so that it achieved their goals by fooling the “stupid” public.  They also made it difficult for the Congressional Budget Office to accurately chart its costs.

On a 2013 tape aired today on Fox, former Sen. Max Baucus, then Senate Finance Committee Chairman, blindly supported Gruber’s work. Gruber  was working with a $400,000 consulting fee. Baucus later called the law a train wreck.

Further evidence of ObamaCare’s failure is seen  in the lowering of HHS’s second period enrollment expectations, from 13 million to nine million.

There’s more. The Supreme Court announced that it would hear one of the lawsuits challenging the federal government’s authority to hand out tax credits for millions of people using ObamaCare to buy insurance in 37 states.

Republicans are sure to use the Gruber tapes as it continues to press for repeal of the “anything but affordable” ObamaCare.

Big government gun-running

On Nov. 3, 2014, the day before the mid-term elections, the Department of Justice did a document dump of some 64,000 pages, pertaining to Fast & Furious, to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

Obviously, the DOJ calculated the contents wouldn’t get pre-election coverage. Friday night document dumps have become common place for the “transparent”  Obama administration

Early reports indicate that Attorney General Eric Holder, who is in contempt of Congress, was clearly in the communications loop on the ill-advised gun running scheme; something he denied under questioning.

DOJ stonewalling on Fast & Furious is but one example of the AG’s cozy political relationship with the Obama regime. Holder’s position on voter ID, the IRS scandal, and race undoubtedly contributed to Obama’s mid-term losses.


The demise of big goverment

If ever there was a series of events to prove the fallacy of big government, you need only examine a handful of stories that have surfaced over the past eight days. Briefly, I will take you through these events with the next posts.

                                                              Voters’ Rejection

The election results of Nov. 4, represent a major repudiation of Obama’s big government policies.  A Gallup Poll taken after the election revealed that Congressional candidates with no agenda won out over Obama by 17 points.  When asked, ‘Who do you want to have more influence over the direction the nation takes next year – President Obama or the Republicans in Congress?’ Republicans won 53 to 36 percent.

Real Clear Politics averages on the direction of the country continues to report that 65.5 percent agree the country is on the wrong track, while 27.7 still think we’re on the right track.