Inequality not a voter hot button

hillary (

Hillary Clinton continues to bash the “haves” as low-information voters turn a deaf ear to word that she’s one of them. (

In my April 24, post, “Hillary to continue dividing the nation,” I related her charges that the deck is stacked in favor of those at the top and that CEOs are making 300 times more than the typical worker. She wants to be the champion of the middle class.

It doesn’t matter to her that in recent polls, one by CBS and another by Gallup, that income disparity was named by only 4 per cent and 2 per cent, respectively, as the most important problem facing the country.

It doesn’t matter because low-information voters like to hear the “haves” bashed.

Interestingly, the Washington Center for Equitable Growth recently found that while survey respondents who hear about inequality believe it is a serious problem, they show no appetite for interventions to reduce it.  This finding led the Center to believe there’s distrust in the federal government and that people are skeptical it can be trusted to fix it.

With the drip, drip, drip of information slowly revealing Hillary’s life as one of the “haves,” one wonders how long  her political campaign  tactic of bashing the “haves” will resonate with voters

Hillary to continue dividing the nation

“ … the deck is still stacked in favor of those already at the top.  And there’s something wrong with that. There’s something wrong when CEOs make 300 times more than the typical worker.” – Hillary Clinton

Hillary and Oscar de la Renta (

Hillary Clinton poses with the late Oscar de la Renta, designer of the simple dress she is wearing. By the smiles on their faces I wonder If she just said, if those Iowa farm girls could see me now. (

While the latest news of corruption from the Clinton crime family is sorted out, and we are again told there’s no shred of evidence, let’s return to Hillary’s initial campaign charges in the above quote.

It’s more of the Obama tactic of dividing the country between what they term the “haves” and the “have-nots.”  It’s more talk of a livable wage and increasing the minimum wage. Gender pay inequality.  It’s talk of CEOs making unimaginable salaries at the those big corporations making big profits.

The low-information voters eat that up.  They still see Obama as someone who feels their pain and wants to level the playing field. But in six years what have they experienced?  Fewer jobs and lower wages, as the number of people on food stamps has increased by two-thirds.  Unemployment among blacks is twice the rate of whites.

Despite the facts, word out of focus groups tells the Hillary campaign that attacking the “haves” still works  with their people, so look for Hillary to continue to follow Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals (#6), which states, “A good tactic is one your people enjoy.”

Don’t expect the “taker class” to question the deleted e-mails, her $300,000  speaking fees, and foreign  money funneled through the Clinton foundation during her years  at secretary of state.  And don’t expect them to blame her for the deaths at Benghazi during her watch, because after all, what difference does it make?




A crash course analogy

After hearing one more statement or action taken by President Obama, do you feel helpless, unable to do anything about it?  Your Congressman never responds and letters to the editor only allow you to get it off your chest.  Helpless and hopeless, you feel locked out.

Hopeless (

We’re at the intersection of Discouraged and Hopeless and all we can do is hang in there until 2016. (

A friend recently sent me a copy of an analogy to this currently circulating on the Internet.

The writer* relates the harrowing 8-minute plunge of German Wings Flight 9525 in the French Alps, in which 150 innocent people met an immediate, unthinkable death.

The co-pilot Andreas Lubitz couldn’t be stopped because he had locked the pilot out of the cockpit. “It’s hard to imagine the growing feelings of fear and helplessness that the passengers felt as the unforgiving landscape rushed to meet them,“ the writer stated.

He wrote of the feeling in the pits of the stomach and hearing the shake and rattle of structures stressed beyond their limits.  And it was only near the end of the 8-minute plunge that everyone finally understood what was really happening and began to scream. Continue reading

Would Mika have called Obama “a little boy?”

Since most of you wouldn’t lower your standards to watch MSNBC, I thought I would tell you about an exchange of the talking heads on “Morning Joe” this week.

Rubio (win mcnamee-getty images)

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski referred to Sen. Marco Rubio as “a little boy” on Morning Joe. Would she have called Barack Obama a “boy” in 2008? (Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Donny Deutsch, an admitted Democrat, posed the situation.  “The Putin test.  Who do you want to see across the table?”

“That’s not even – this is not even conversation.  She (Hillary Clinton) eats him for lunch. Come on,” says Mika Brzezinski, the co-host.

Joe Scarborough tries to insert the names of Barack Obama and John McCain, only to be interrupted by Brzezinski, who exclaims, “No, like Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio.  There is no comparison.  Maybe this is my ideology, but I’m sorry, but that’s a little boy and that’s an experienced accomplished person who’s been elected to the Senate twice, who served as First Lady, who served as Secretary of State.”

Mika, Mika, Mika.  Yes, it is your fawning ideology.  Your inclination that Hillary would eat Putin for lunch couldn’t be more far-fetched.  Have you forgotten “the reset” fiasco? Continue reading

Another example of Admiral Mullen’s complicity

We learned this week that then Joint Chiefs Chairman Admiral Michael Mullen, while chatting with a group of soldiers during a December 2009 visit to Afghanistan, was asked about the desertion of Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl.  His response indicated that he was fully briefed on the circumstances surrounding Bergdahl’s disappearance.

Mullen  (

Soldiers serving in Afghanistan recalled Admiral Mullen’s acknowledgement of the Bergdahl desertion circumstances, causing questions about when the president knew. (

It prompted many to speculate that he surely informed the president of what he had learned. Four years later, President Obama walked out of the White House with his arm around Bergdahl’s mother (below) and proudly talked of the sergeant’s return.

A reading of the transcript, however,  reveals the president carefully avoiding any overt praise for Bergdahl’s service leading one to believe Mullen had briefed him.  Yet, unbelievably,  he still thought it was wise to stage the Rose Garden appearance. Continue reading

Liberal columnist concedes Hillary has no message

Richard Cohen (

Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen no longer believes Hillary Clinton needs a message. (

A couple of years ago, the liberal Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen was  contemplating Hillary Clinton running for president in 2016 when he wrote, “All she lacks is what she has always lacked – an overriding, stirring message.”  The headline on his column read, Just being Hillary Clinton isn’t enough.

Cohen bumped into Hillary at a social event a few days later, and she said, “Richard, I will have a message, if I run.”

Fast forward to Hillary’s on-line video announcement this week that she’s running.  Cohen wasn’t impressed, calling it “icky.”  He even cited Karl Rove’s observation in the Wall Street Journal, Hillary Needs More Than an Image Makeover, and mentioned the cover on The Economist stating, What does Hillary stand for?

Presumably not impressed with Hillary’s message of inequality and her desire to be the champion of the middle class, Cohen now believes that just being Hillary will be enough for him.

Coincidentally recalling the song, I’m Still Here, from Steven Sondheim’s show, “Follies,” which I recently saw performed by a local theater group, Cohen relates the gist of the lyrics about a woman of some years who has led a hell of a life.  “If that’s not Clinton than I don’t know who is,” he wrote and added, “She cannot – and must not – try to reinvent herself.  We have known her a long time.”

Good advice, Mr. Cohen.  She once said she “was probably the most transparent person in public life.”  And we can see through her every move.

You have to be a champion, Hillary, before you can champion for everyday Americans

“Everyday Americans need a champion.  And I want to be that champion.” – Hillary Clinton

Well, she’s in.  And she wants you to think the election isn’t all about her, but about the forgotten middle class with “the deck stacked in favor of those at the top.”

Her low-key social media announcement features everyday Americans – a black couple, Asians, Hispanics, white working-class people of all ages, students and, yes, two men who are planning to get married.  It isn’t until the tail end of the video that you see a smiling Hillary, telling viewers that because you need a champion, “I’m hitting the road to earn your vote … because it’s your time.”

Not hers, because it’s not about her.  Yeah, right.

There’s been a lot written about the need for Hillary to undergo an image makeover.  She needs to learn how to relate to the little guy.  She needs to exude a warmth and personable presence. It reminds me of when Al Gore was told he needed to  improve his image by ditching the tight dark suits and wear casual slacks with earth tones.

Cartoon courtesy IBD Michael Ramierez

Cartoon courtesy IBD Michael Ramierez.

Fortunately, there are number of us who remember the real Hillary. Click here.

We remember how she wasn’t the champion for the four Americans killed in the Benghazi raid by ignoring five months of warnings, denying additional security funding and fostering the lie that “it was the video.”

We remember the donations from foreign countries to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation.

We remember how she deleted thousands of “personal” e-mails from her server after they were requested by Congress.

We remember her calling Syria’s Bashar al-Assad “a reformer.”

We remember the embarrassing occasion when she presented Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov with a reset button.

Of course, Hillary’s campaign manager John Podesta is assuring Democrat contributors that these controversies will pass and soon be forgotten.

Not if I can help it.

What Difference

Big Blue becomes Big Red, White and Blue

You’ve seen it before.  A handful of malcontents are “offended” by the flying of an American flag or saying a prayer somewhere, and a school or a community caves.

Yesterday, I was stunned to hear that the University of Michigan went weak-kneed over a petition signed by a group of Middle Eastern and North African students.

UM (

The giant “M” on the field of the University of Michigan’s Big House does NOT stand for Muslim. (

They demanded that the film, American Sniper, scheduled to be shown on campus be cancelled, citing “Chris Kyle (the American sniper) was a racist who took a disturbing stance on murdering Iraqi civilians,” adding that “Middle Eastern characters are not lent an ounce of humanity and watching this movie is provocative and unsafe to MENA students who are often reminded of how the media and world values their lives.”

The university’s Center for Campus Involvement, responsible for the UMix scheduling quickly cancelled the showing and stated that “we have elected to pull the week’s program and screen another movie in its place that we believe better creates the fun, engaging atmosphere we seek.”

And what was that replacement film?  Paddington, the misadventures of a stuffed bear.

When word of the cancellation became known, a backlash quickly developed, accusing the university of censorship, forcing a reversal of the decision.

“It was a mistake to cancel the showing of the movie ‘American Sniper’ on campus as part of a social event for students,” said R. Royster Harper, vice president of student life.  His statement went on to point out that “The initial decision to cancel the movie was not consistent with the high value the University of Michigan places on freedom of expression and our respect for the right of students to make their own choices in such matters.”

Harbaugh (

Big Blue Coach Jim Harbaugh is taking his team to see the film, American Sniper, saying” if it offends anyone, so be it.” (foxsports)

Jim Harbaugh, the university’s new football coach, supported showing of the movie and tweeted, “Michigan football will watch ‘American Sniper. “If it offends anyone, so be it.”

When Big Blue again takes the field at the Big House on Sept. 12, we’ll know that giant maize-colored “M” on the field doesn’t stand for Muslim.

At last a minority group of “the offended” is put in their place … a front row seat at the showing of Paddington at another on-campus location.

Hail to the Victors!