Global warming? Follow the money

BN-KB615_OBAMA0_M_20150830135039EthanMiller Gettyy Images)

President Obama, the Grand Poobah of Climate Change, checks the air for warming. (Eathan Miller/Getty Images)

As President Obama embarks on his 11-day climate change tour, the Wall Street Journal claims “global warming is expected to emerge as a key issue.”

WSJ bases its prediction on a Pew Research Center report finding that 74 percent of American adults say there is “solid evidence” of global warming, and that 46 percent believe the warming trend is “mostly due to human activity.”

You can expect to hear that its “proven science” backed by hundreds of leading scientists, supported by the majority of Americans. And count on him to scoff at deniers. Continue reading

It’s time to bow out gracefully, guys

“I’m retiring because my time is up.” – Dave Hickey

It’s time for Jim Gilmore, George Pataki, Lindsey Graham, Bobby Jindal, Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee and Rick Perry to gracefully bow out of the 2016 Republican presidential race. They’re barely registering in the polls, and probably wouldn’t even if Donald Trump’s candidacy wasn’t skewing things.

I’m not suggesting they retire, as Dave Hickey was once quoted, but as for running for the presidency, their time is up; they haven’t struck a chord with voters.

Athletes generally know when it’s time to throw in the towel. Physical problems tell them they can no longer compete. Politicians need to know that when nobody’s listening to them anymore it’s time for them to bow out.




Disappointment with tech reporter over Fiorina

While I am cynical about the media, I still expect reporters covering the presidential candidates to dig for facts and fairly report their findings, so when I read Jon Swartz’s critical USA Today piece on Carly Fiorina, I was disappointed.


GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina has not shied away from questions concerning her firing at HP. Too bad Hillary Clinton has been unwilling to fess-up with her failure in Benghazi. (

Disappointed primarily because Swartz was a Silicon Valley high tech reporter and I expected more from him. While he wrote that he “had a front-row press seat in the early 2000s, covering the corporate soap opera over Fiorina’s bid to merge HP with Compaq Computer Corp. in a $24 billion deal,” he revealed his business naïveté’ in his criticism of Fiorina’s record at HP.

Experienced business reporters and analysts know that layoffs are common during merger/acquisition actions and they often lead to sour grapes comments from those no longer required by the resulting company. And stockholders, too, often are displeased with what’s happening to their stock.

However, Swartz chose to cite the 30,000 resulting layoffs and the stockholder showdown as a negative qualification for the presidency; what you would expect from a less-experienced reporter. Continue reading

“Mistake” and “sloppy” becomes “careless”

The liberal Democrat water carriers are at it again; this time to defend Hillary Clinton.

Remember back in 2004 when it was revealed that Sandy Berger, President Bill Clinton’s national security advisor, had stolen classified documents from the National Archives? It was called “a mistake” and “sloppy.”

Sandy-Berger-50098007166free republic .com)

Despite Sandy Berger’s theft of classified documents during the Bill Clinton era, Hillary hired him as an advisor during her 2008 campaign. (

Theft of Top Secret documents is a Federal crime that is supposed to carry extremely serious penalties, but the water carriers for the Clinton administration claimed “a mistake” in most instances is not a crime, and certainly being “sloppy” isn’t a crime.

Berger had stuffed documents critical of the Clinton administration’s approach to terrorism in his pants and socks and hid them under a construction trailer near the Archives, later to be retrieved. The theft was an attempt to keep the information from the 9/11 Commission and eventually the American public. He later pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge and was fined just $50,000. Continue reading

RNC torpedoes Fiorina’s chances for CNN debate

Regular readers of this blog know that while I have endorsed Ohio Governor John Kasich for president, I have positively expressed my impression of Carly Fiorina’s campaign performance.

Carly Fiorina speaks during the Freedom Summit, Saturday, Jan. 24, 2015, in Des Moines, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

Carly Fiorina speaks during the Freedom Summit, Saturday, Jan. 24, 2015, in Des Moines, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

Fiorina clearly won the second-tier debate conducted by Fox News on Aug. 6, and her impact on the 16-member fold of GOP candidates since then has been remarkable.

Fiorina is ranked seventh in the latest Real Clear Politics average, behind Trump, Carson, Bush, Rubio, Cruz and Walker, conducted Aug. 8-25. Kasich trails her by 1.5 points.

In the Quinnipiac poll just released she is in eighth place. In the two statewide polls in Iowa and New Hampshire, she ranks fifth and third, respectively.

Despite her rise in the polls since the Fox debate, she will not likely appear on the stage for CNN’s Sept. 16 debate, because – now get this – CNN will average national polls dating back to July 16.  July 16!

In CNN’s own poll, conducted with Opinion Research, Fiorina tied for 5tth place with Carson, Kasich and Paul. It will be interesting to see how Wolf Blitzer explains that away.

It appears that the Republican National Committee agreed to the July 16, poll cutoff date for the CNN debate. Thanks, Reince.



The French know the meaning of bravery and honor

France is often the butt of jokes, especially when it comes to their military, but they stepped up and did the right thing Monday at a time when America would have dropped the ball.

The French wasted no time to present their highest honor for bravery to the three Americans and one Brit, shown here with French President Francois Hollande. (voanews)

Three courageous Americans and a Brit were honored in Paris yesterday as they were presented France’s highest honor for bravery for preventing a terrorist blood bath on a high speed train between Belgium and France.

None other than French President Francois Hollande presented Legion d’Honneur medals to Americans Spencer Stone, Alex Skartatos and Anthony Sadler and Briton Chris Norman at the Elysee Palace in Paris.

That was a far cry from the ordeal victims and families endured after the Nov. 5, 2009 shooting at Fort Hood. It took six years of letter-writing and even legislation to honor the 10 soldiers killed and 26 wounded with a Purple Heart, and Defense of Freedom Medals to two civilians, one who was killed and another wounded. Continue reading

kramerontheright is on point

On Monday morning I posted a piece, “Guess who will pay for student loan forgiveness,” for this blog. It had been on my “to do” list since Hillary Clinton began spouting her plan to write-off those loans to win votes.

I wrote how it was a bad idea when the Obama administration took over student loans in 2010, “and a disaster today.”

Lo and behold, that night I read how “President Obama Obama turned a relatively small, privately run, guaranteed student-loan program into a massive government-run disaster,” in Investor’s Business Daily entitled, “Obama’s $1.2 Trillion Student Loan Program Is Falling Apart.”

How nice it feels to be on point with a respected publication. Continue reading

Guess who will pay for student loan forgiveness?

Five years ago, I wrote a piece critical of the Obama administration’s takeover of the student loan program. It was a bad idea then, and a disaster today.

135120_600cagle .com)

(Cartoon courtesy of

In a sweeping move to cut commercial banks out of the federal loan market, Congress voted to establish still another bureaucracy, ending the 45-year old bank-based program. Huge savings were predicted by not paying the banks for their service.

Just as it was a political ploy by Democrats to gain favoritism among college age young people and their parents in 2010, it’s one of Hillary Clinton’s key topics as she seeks votes from millennials today.

With a goal of adding still another entitlement, Clinton has proposed methods for college students to reduce or write-off their student loans in a plan that she estimates will cost “just” $350 billion over the next 10 years.

We haven’t heard the last from the president on this subject either. You will recall his recent proposal of “free” community college. Surely, he has some other ideas up his sleeve. In anticipation of the loan-forgiveness talk, student loan payments are down.

Who do you think will pay in the end? You and me.

 “The problem with socialism (liberalism and progressivism) is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” – Margaret Thatcher

Parenthesis added to cover Hillary Clinton’s stated Democrat viewpoints.


Michigan bows to “greens” and EPA

When I read the Wall Street Journal’s Aug. 2, commentary, “States Should Shun the EPA’s New Power Mandate,” a report on the Clean Power Plan, I was reminded of the years of letters to the editor and opinion pieces in my Michigan hometown newspaper, mostly by those opposing coal-generated energy. They had bought into the health and climate change scare tactics of environmentalists and the Obama administration.

16761053-largecoal-fired james deYUoung power plant Mark Cop[ier GR Press)

The much-maligned James De Young coal-fired power plant in Holland, Michigan. The NAACP called it an “environmental justice offender. (Mark Copier photo)

Even the NAACP got into the act, issuing a report three years ago that the James De Young coal-fired plant was an “environmental justice offender,” stating that it was “significantly harmful to low-income communities and communities of color.” Never mind that just 3.6 percent of the Holland, Michigan population is African-American and half of the population has incomes of $50,000 or more.

In 2012, a spokesman for Green America signaled the proposed EPA rules as “good news.” Citing questionable statistics that coal-fired plants were the cause of four out of the five leading causes of mortality in the U.S., he said the carbon emissions were responsible for billions of dollars in health care costs.

Advocates have said the move to renewable energy was going to create thousands of new Michigan jobs and reduce pollution “without significantly increasing energy prices.” Where have I heard this before? Continue reading

Did Hillary Clinton’s naivete’ unintentionally tip off Benghazi attackers?

“I’m certainly aware of the classification requirements and did not send classified material.” – Hillary Clinton

If Hillary Clinton neither sent nor received classified information, just how did she carry out the normal day to day business of a secretary of state?

Did the Benghazi attackers learn of Hillary’s plan to cut back on security through her unclassified e-mails? (truthrevolt,org)

Even her daily itinerary should have been classified. Friendly and unfriendly countries alike want to know who she’s meeting with and where.

One of the e-mails recently released by the State Department included a five-page, heavily redacted e-mail from Britain’s foreign secretary concerning Afghanistan. It had been forwarded to Hillary’s private e-mail account by her top aide, Huma Abedin.

I tried to imagine the likes of Dean Acheson, John Foster Dulles and Henry Kissinger operating without classified communications, but soon recognized that Hillary operated not as a secretary of state but as someone protecting her future candidacy for president.

On April 19, 2012, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton responded to the request for more security at the Benghazi consulate articulating instead a plan to scale back security assets. Since she didn’t send classified information, one can suppose that those who attacked the Benghazi facility, killing the ambassador and three other Americans five months later, might have known they would encounter little or no resistance.

As I have written before …. and she wants to be president.