Trump and Clinton ‘favorable’ ratings dismal

Like me, you’re probably getting a bit tired of the political polls. They really don’t mean much this early in the game, but when my curiosity peaks I check out Real Clear Politics, where they average the major polls.

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The polls that fascinate me are the ones citing favorable and unfavorable ratings. By now, most of you know that 67.2 percent of those polled by Gallup believe President Obama has the nation going in the wrong direction and just 23.2 (who are they?) believe he’s doing just fine.  The president’s disapproval rating is at 51.8 percent, and his favorable is at 43.9 percent. Continue reading

IBD sees ISIS as the real enemy too

After posting my thoughts here that we now have a plan to reduce carbon emissions over the next 50 years, but lack a plan to destroy ISIS today, I was pleased to see the Investor’s Business Daily editorial position, Leaders 41D2aX1fSvL__SY300_Fight Phony Climate Enemy – Solving Real Problems Too Hard. “What better enemy for them to tackle than one that can’t be seen, whose damage can’ be quantified, and which can’t fight back?” IBD states.

“They should get serious about eradicating terrorism. Climate change has harmed no one, but terrorists continue to slaughter in large numbers – nearly 33,000 people were killed just last year in terrorist attacks,” according to the IBD editorial. Continue reading

John Kerry, negotiator extraordinaire

There he was this weekend, Secretary of State John Kerry, touting the Paris agreement on global emissions reduction he negotiated for the United States; the same John Kerry who negotiated the nuclear deal with Iran.

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Master negotiator John Kerry touted his Paris agreement on carbon emissions reduction this weekend. (

Understandably, Kerry spent most of his time defending the lack of any provision for enforcing the “pledged” reductions by the 185 countries, saying that “If there had been a penalty, we wouldn’t have gotten agreement. So it has to be voluntary.  We got the best deal we could.” Continue reading

No strategy to defeat ISIS today, but we have a plan for reducing carbon emissions over next 50 years

“The agreement represents the best chance we have to save the one planet that we’ve got.” – President Obama

Grammar aside, on Saturday our president touted the “Paris agreement” on reducing carbon emissions as a landmark climate pact.

“We came together around a strong agreement the world needed. We met the moment, and we’ve shown what’s possible when the world stands as one.”

The agreement, which is supposed to take effect in 2020, is a pledge to limit the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by human activity to the same levels that trees, soil and oceans can absorb naturally, beginning at some point between 2050 and 2100. Remember, the countries are on an honor system; there’s no penalty for not making their target.

While President Obama boasts that “we met the moment” on this climate agreement with nearly 200 countries, we still don’t have a 60-country coalition strategic policy to defeat ISIS; a plan far more vital to our survival today than a temperature rise of 1.5 degrees Celsius 50 years from now.

The plan to achieve a one degree improvement in earth temperature is expected to cost us billions of dollars.

Noonan’s way with words again on point

“… this is a man who knows how to break through the clutter – but crudely, seemingly off the top of his head, and using his mouth as a blunt instrument.” – Peggy Noonan

So wrote Peggy Noonan in her Saturday Wall Street Journal column, “A Rash Leader in a Grave Time,” in which she calls for a leader with a plan to avoid a Paris style attack on our soil.


WSJ columnist Peggy Noonan devoted her Dec. 12, column to the undisciplined Donald Trump. (

In her unique way with words, Noonan wrote of Donald Trump’s plan to keep all Muslims out of this country, even those citizens returning from foreign vacations. “He doesn’t think it through, doesn’t anticipate legitimate pushback, doesn’t try to persuade, only declares.” Continue reading

More Benghazi revelations in Clinton e-mails

The terrorist shooting in San Bernardino gave the media another opportunity to provide cover for Hillary Clinton and the latest bombshells on Benghazi.

However, thanks to FOX and a couple of conservative papers, the word is on the street and will certainly find its way to the Select Committee on Benghazi and future debates.

Not only did we learn that there were forces preparing to move to Benghazi just hours after the attack began, Clinton apparently missed a meeting on sensitive intelligence items, including the Presidential Daily Brief (PDB), because she slept late on the Saturday following the Benghazi attack. Continue reading

Recalling two different classes

“Among the supposedly elite and powerful individuals I have met, you could crudely classify two classes; those who know who they are, and those who say, ‘don’t you know who I am?’” – Rupert Murdoch

When I read this nugget in a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed by Rupert Murdoch, Chairman of News Corp, I immediately thought of two people, whose lives couldn’t be more different – Donald Trump and former President George W. Bush. Continue reading

Businesses fall in line on emissions reduction

Call it extortion, coercion, shakedown, squeeze, blackmail or simply arm-twisting – whatever – but more than 100 companies now say climate change poses a risk to America’s prosperity and want the government to take action to address the risk. Some of the same companies that want the government out of their business.

LOGOS 2To show their support, they signed-on to a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal, “Business Backs Low-Carbon USA,” in coordination with a number of environmental activist groups. The company logos from the ad are shown here.

Like the auto manufacturers who, over the years, have caved to the government’s auto and truck café standards for added miles per gallon and lower emissions, most of these companies, I believe, have folded under pressure. They don’t need activist groups making their lives miserable. Continue reading

Julian Castro at center of investigation at HUD

“The OIG has determined that the contents of this report would not be appropriate for public disclosure and has therefore limited its distribution to selected officials.” – Office of the Inspector General, HUD

A report that the IG of the Department of Housing and Urban Development found discrepancies during a financial statements audit wasn’t too surprising as HUD has been found not in compliance before.  The recent findings, however, were particularly interesting because of its head, Julian Castro.


Julian Castro’s problems at HUD could blunt his chances to be named Hillary Clinton’s running mate, but they would make a good pair. (

During my residence in the San Antonio area, the San Antonio Express-News continuously promoted Mayor Castro as one of the nation’s up and coming Latinos; a rising star.  Much was made of his roots with a grandmother who came from Mexico.  Hardly a day went by that his picture wasn’t featured.  He was said to be on the short list to be Hillary Clinton’s running mate. Continue reading