Remembering President Reagan’s love for Nancy

“… and along came Nancy and saved my soul.” – Ronald Reagan

While listening to stories about Nancy Reagan, remembered upon the announcement of her death this morning, those words were fondly recalled by columnist George Will.

They were the words of former President Reagan during a period of solace after his divorce from Jane Wyman when Nancy Davis came into his life, included in Edmund Morris’ book, Dutch, A Memoir of Ronald Reagan.

My own recollection of the president’s fondness for Nancy appeared in his handwriting on the inside cover of the book, The Reagan Diaries. He wrote it on March 30, 1981 after recovering from surgery that followed the attempt on his life.

“I opened my eyes to find Nancy there. I pray I will never face a day when she isn’t there. Of all the ways God has blessed me, giving her to me is the greatest and beyond anything I can ever hope to receive.”

Now they are together again.

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