GOP needs to fight back … president’s budget a good beginning … and more

Here are my observations on a few stories in the news.

IT’S TIME FOR OUR ELECTED REPUBLICANS TO FIGHT BACK and stand up for our president, ignore all of the attempts to distract them, and busy themselves with his agenda of repealing and replacing ObamaCare, tax reform, an infrastructure plan and the budget.

Never before have we seen such hostility from the left, designed to defeat the reforms and changes the president was elected to implement. “Republicans must decide if they are going to fight for what they believe in or retreat to the tenuous safety of the Washington beltway bubble,” former Speaker Newt Gingrich recently commented.

Senate Republicans are well-positioned to capture the seats of 10 Democratic senators up for reelection in states President Trump won. In the House, Democrats holding 12 districts carried by the president will be up for reelection in November 2018.

The current House GOP hasn’t faced a political war as it is now experiencing, and if they don’t get serious about moving the president’s agenda and signed by the president, they might as well “resign themselves to accepting Speaker Pelosi and an impeachment effort,” said Gingrich, adding that it would be the “Democrats’ first priority, should they gain control of the House.”

Members of the House, Senate and the Trump White House “have used harsh words, but timid tactics when dealing with the unending, dishonest, and vicious assaults by the left-wing media,” Gingrich believes, “Do we fight to make America great again, or do we surrender to those who claim the elitist power to dictate to the rest of us?”

 TRUMP FAMILY READY TO DO THEIR PART – Eric and Donald Trump Jr., and Eric’s wife, Lara, met privately with GOP leaders at the RNC to share their concerns and outlook, and offer their perspective on what would be most helpful to the president ahead of the 2018 midterm elections. Many of the president’s presidential campaign participated.


“For years and years, we simply looked at a budget in terms of the folks who were on the back end of the program – the recipients of the taxpayer money – and we haven’t spent nearly enough time focusing our attention on the people who pay the taxes.” – White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney

Finally, after decades of forgetting we taxpayers in favor of those on the entitlement end, Mulvaney is changing that in the president’s budget, titled the “New Foundation for American Greatness,” and it balances the budget within 10 years.

“I put myself in the role of the person who’s actually taking the money from you as a taxpayer – and giving the money to someone else in terms of a benefit, and it I can look you in the eye and say, ‘look, I need to take this money from you so that I can help this injured vet,’ I can do that in good conscience. I can look you in the eye, and my guess is, you’re okay with that,” Mulvaney said.

The budget director pointed out that “I am a lot less comfortable looking you in the eye and say look, ‘I need to take this money from you and give to this person over here who really isn’t disabled, but is getting a disabled benefit, or this person over here who is supposed to use the money to go to school, but isn’t actually going, or a program that’s supposed to encourage you to graduate from college, but is only six percent effective.’

The budget funds the president’s priorities – national security, border security, veterans, school choice, and nationwide parental leave, and does not cut core Social Security and Medicare benefits.

Mulvaney is looking to three percent economic growth.

As expected, the anti-Trump crowd, those who resist and obstruct, have already announced that the budget is dead on arrival. New York’s leftist Sen. Charles Schumer referred to the budget document as a “villain-bad comic book,” and his colleague in the House, Nancy Pelosi, calls it a “killer budget.” Ridiculous claims that seniors will be harmed, children will starve, and other dire results are being spouted by Democrats.

DID YOU KNOW THAT WOOD PANELING IS SEXIST AND RACIST? – Anna Wibbelman, the former head of a college organization for improving student life at the University of Michigan, told a student government meeting that “minority students felt marginalized by (the) quiet, imposing masculine paneling” of the old union building on campus. Calling wood paneling sexist and racist, Wibbelman wants the paneling removed.

Wibbelman says “the history of wood is a history of oppression,” according to a piece written for The Federalist by Faith Bottom, “Rich, white, privileged classes had wood paneling. Poor, minority, excluded classes had to make do with painted walls. The sheer existence of wood makes students feel the weight of their old marginalization,” according to Wibbelman.

I wonder if she will want tile-flooring replaced with linoleum.

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