Obstruction … the former first lady … RINO McCain … and advice from a wacko columnist

My observations on the news of the day.

IN ANOTHER ATTEMPT TO OBSTRUCT the president’s agenda, some Democrat-controlled cities and states are moving to punish businesses that pursue contracts to design and build the wall proposed for the southern border.

You just know it’s all because building the wall was a Donald Trump campaign promise, because top Democrats – Obama, Biden, Schumer, and yes Hillary Clinton voted and helped pass the “Secure Fence Act of 2006,” calling for the construction of 700 miles of fencing.

A friend recently forwarded to me a You Tube news clip with the recommendation that President Trump should use it with the usual ‘I approve of this message’ close. You will want to see it – click here.

Former first lady Michelle Obama wears an off-the-shoulder top in Italy. (jadeafrican.com)

WHEN IS IT OKAY for a first lady – even a former first lady – to cast aside decorum while in public? I say, ‘never.’ While First Lady Melania Trump was receiving rave reviews for her choice of dress during the president’s recent nine-day trip abroad, former first lady Michelle Obama was walking the streets of Tuscany, Italy with former President Obama, wearing a top that was more than just off-the-shoulder.

No one can convince me that she wasn’t aware of the stir she would cause with that off-the-shoulder number.

Senator McCain (wired.com)

RINO MC CAIN AT IT AGAIN – The Arizona senator, who believes the President’s budget for defense is inadequate, last week slammed it as dead on arrival along with anti-Trump Democrats.  John McCain could have praised President Trump for seeking to spend more to build up our defenses, while stating his belief that in his opinion it wasn’t enough. He didn’t have to use the tired DOA statement. Certainly, he knows that as the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, he will have an opportunity to convince his colleagues that more funds are required.

The president’s $603 billion outlay is $19 billion more than President Obama’s last plan. McCain, who is seeking an increase of $54 billion, said, “(the president’s plan) fails to provide the necessary resources to restore military readiness, rebuild military capacity, and renew our military advantage with investments in modern capabilities.”

LEFTIST COLUMNIST SEEKS TRUMP’S REMOVAL – Just when you think you’ve heard it all, Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen compares President Trump with Captain Queeg from the novel and film, “The Caine Mutiny.”

Wacko Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen. (troyrecord.com)

Most of you will remember the Oscar-winning performance of Humphrey Bogart as the captain of the USS Caine in the film adaptation, in which his fellow officers seize command, invoking Article 184. Cohen wants the House to invoke the 25th Amendment of the Constitution to have Trump removed from office.

Recalling Queeg’s cover-ups, Cohen cites the president’s claim about the size of the crowd at his inaugural “maybe the most psychologically egregious” in giving his similarity to Queeg.   Writing about Queeg’s inability to handle his boat in a typhoon, Cohen writes, “Trump has yet to have his monster storm. But his behavior is unmistakably Queeg-like.”

I wonder how many of Cohen’s readers know that the Washington Post once found him guilty of “inappropriate behavior” after asking a female editorial aide about “casual sex.”

He has also written a number of racially-charged pieces, including one about New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s marriage to a black woman with two biracial children, in which he coyly wrote, “Should I mention that Bill de Blasio’s wife, Chirlane McCray, used to be a lesbian?”

In a column about the film, “12 Years a Slave,” Cohen wrote that “many blacks were content. Slave owners were mostly nice people – fellow Americans after all.”

So, as Cohen says “The Caine Mutiny … spoke to truth about character and competence,” something he says our president lacks, I ask you – is Cohen someone you believe should be offering Congress advice on the removal of the president?

I’M GETTING TIRED OF HEARING this or that has ‘taken all of the oxygen out of the White House’ – most recently the suggestion that the president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, attempted to set up a back-channel communication source with the Kremlin.  A pox on the media for trying to build a story out of nothing. Back-channels have been common in all past administrations.  As you might expect, Sen. John McCain was concerned about the story.

THE NEW YORK TIMES FOLLOWS TIME magazine with a provocative question. On May 23, 2017, I reported that TIME magazine published an article, “How Difficult Would It Be to Impeach President Trump?” Now, The New York Times writes, “A Constitutional Puzzle: Can the President Be Indicted?” The mainstream media is determined to bring down the Trump presidency. Incidentally, Adam Liptak reported in the New York Times that “The prevailing view among legal experts is no. Liptak quoted Yale Law Professor Akhil Reed Amar, who said, “The framers implicitly immunized a sitting president from ordinary criminal prosecution.” That must have been a disappointment to Liptak.

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