Internet service added to subsidized phones for poor

Surely you remember the excited woman in Ohio who was captured on tape boasting about minorities in Cleveland getting free Obama phones during the 2012 elections. Click here to see.

Yesterday, buried inside the newspaper, was the notice that the Federal Communications Commission voted to expand the subsidy to include Internet service.

“The expansion of the Life-line subsidy,” the article stated, “is intended to help lower-income people who have trouble affording broadband on their own.”

While referring to a “digital divide” that is emerging between lower-income and higher-income households, the FCC noted how the Internet has become important for everything from school work to job searches.


We must stop the flow of taxpayer money that goes into the welfare hole. (heritage,org)

If you are wondering how this is being paid for, it is funded by a Universal Service Fund tax on our phone bills. Some 12 million households have benefited from the phone service under a $1.5 billion (yes, billion) budget that is expected to increase to $2.25 billion.

We can stop this big government dependency by electing a Republican president in November, who will be able to change the five-member FCC board from its current three Democrat, two Republican membership.

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