University professor compares Malthusian population explosion scare to climate change extremists

“Reducing our consumption of fossil fuels will not make bad weather and extreme natural events go away.” – Pierre Desrochers, author and academic

Faithful readers of this blog know my position on climate change. Yes, it is taking place; it’s cyclical. And, yes, we have experienced a very slight warming, but we cannot do anything to change that trend.

University of Toronto professor Pierre Desrochers compares climate change extremists to Malthusians. (

In an interesting writing by University of Toronto associate professor of geography Pierre Desrochers, recently excerpted in the Wall Street Journal’s regular Notable & Quotable column, I found his observation of those who believed that the means of human subsistence (Malthusians) were so similar to climate change dooms day catastrophists.

Thomas Robert Malthus (1766-1834) argued that human population would increase to the maximum extent permitted by human fertility, that the means of subsistence wouldn’t keep up, and that the unavoidable result would be poverty, starvation, war, diseases and population crashes. Continue reading

Liberal Arizona Republic columnist says Medicare exists because of LBJ’s “courage”

Writing in The Arizona Republic, liberal columnist Linda Valdez took the occasion of Medicare’s 50th anniversary to laud the “courage” of Lyndon Johnson, for signing it into law.


President Johnson signed the Medicare Bill in Independence, Missouri in 1965 and gave the first signing pen to former President Harry Truman. (

Of course, she failed to mention that when he signed the Medicare bill in 1965, the initial cost was $3 billion, and it was estimated that the cost would increase to just $12 billion in 1990. Actually, it grew to $110 billion by 1990. Last year the cost went up to $511 billion. And a funding crisis looms.

We have spent some $15 trillion on LBJ’s war on poverty, however, 46 million people live in poverty today, and another 20 million live on less than half of the poverty level. His prediction of “victory of prosperity over poverty” is long forgotten. Continue reading

Kasich’s bid for presidency revisited

On May 30, 2015, I went out on a limb and probably surprised a few readers when I posted, “Kasich for president in 2016.”

042815_dotcom_kasich_640 (

Ohio Gov. John Kasich made an impressive showing on CBS’ Face the Nation on Sunday. (

While channel surfing Sunday, looking for the golf tournament, I came across  CBS’s Face the Nation with its new host John Dickerson interviewing Ohio Governor John Kasich.  For those of you who are still not familiar with what Kasich stands for, I invite you to click here and watch the interview.

I believe Kasich was forthright as he answered the far right critics who dislike his belief that conservatives have a moral responsibility to deal with the mentally ill and those in poverty.  He did so while pointing out that Ohio has added some 350,000 jobs and has a $2 billion surplus.

I understand Kasich plans to formally enter the presidential race on July 21.