Trump appointments, the media and voting discrepancies in Detroit

Here are some news items I thought would be of interest to you.

THOSE COSTLY REGULATIONS – Regular readers of this blog may recall my Dec. 4, 2016 post, “Difficult task ahead to kill Obama’s orders, regulations,” in which I informed you that it may take time for President Elect Donald Trump to keep his pledge to review those costly rules and regulations that have hampered businesses over the past eight years. Interestingly, Thursday’s Wall Street Journal carried a story, “Killing Regulations Could Take Years.” I am confident that Trump’s nomination of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to head EPA will assure the process will be expedited.

LOOK FOR TRUMP CRITICS to surface Trump’s promise that future refugees would be “extremely vetted” during the hearings on his cabinet appointments. Surely, one of the Dems will dig up something from a nominee’s past, and make the point – Mr. Trump claims future refugees will be extremely vetted, and yet he cannot even vet his nominees. Just anticipating. You know the opposition will be out for blood.

FORMER TEXAS GOV. RICK PERRY has been nominated to be Trump’s Energy Secretary. If confirmed, look for Perry to do a thorough review of this agency that has given new meaning to big government. You will recall that Energy was one of three agencies Perry said he would dump if elected president.


If you named Ernest Moniz as the current Energy Secretary, you are one of a very few that could do so. (

I would wager that few of you could name the current Energy Secretary. Stumped? I have included his name under the accompanying photo. You may remember him from coverage of the Iran nuclear discussions, where he was joined at the hip with John Kerry. He has also been a vocal advocate for climate change funding.

He also played a key role in throwing Obama Stimulus money at green companies like Solyndra, Fisker and others.


Records show that consumers rarely recoup the investment in energy star appliances.

You may not be aware that it was the Energy Department that dreamed up efficiency standards for some 60 appliances including, toilets, shower heads and television sets. And it is behind the attempt to ban the incandescent light bulb.

Reports show that consumers are not recouping long-term savings on so-called energy efficient appliances after paying increased upfront costs.

This is another Obama agency that has gotten out of hand, and I believe Perry is the man to bring it under control.

THE MEDIA, still depressed over Hillary’s loss, is attacking every move being made by Trump even before he becomes president. They are all up in arms today following Reince Priebus’s comment that the Trump administration might do away with the daily press briefing.

THE SAME MEDIA – MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC – that gave its viewers just 24 minutes and five seconds of total coverage of the WikiLeaks e-mails, while rarely revealing the content during the peak release period, now report that it was those e-mails that caused Hillary to lose. Interesting. That means that everyone was watching Fox News. Incidentally, those networks devoted 200 minutes on the tape revealing Trump making inappropriate remarks.

I SEE FURTHER EVIDENCE of the vast number of low-information individuals in a report that people are still enrolling in ObamaCare, despite the fact that it will soon be repealed and replaced. What planet have they been on?

UNBELIEVEABLE – As if we haven’t had enough polls, one of the questions in the Fox News poll this week asks the respondent his or her expectation for Trump as president. “One of the greatest” received 11 per cent,”above average,” 25; “average,” 16; and as you might expect, 31 per cent believe he will be “one of the worst.” His current favorable rating is at 47 per cent.

VOTING DISCREPANCIES in two-thirds of the 392 precincts in the heavily Democrat Detroit, Wayne County area of Michigan revealed that the number of votes cast exceeded the number of registrations. Heavy voting for Trump in Kent and Macomb counties, coupled with a better than expected Trump vote in Oakland and Wayne counties, resulted in a win in Michigan for Trump.  Some 30,000 West Michigan residents braved cold weather for a 1 a.m. election day rally for Trump in Grand Rapids. He recently returned there for a “thank you” rally.

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