Clinton machine unraveling … Flake’s decision … Abraham Lincoln statue … Trump derangement syndrome … the administration caves on ethanol … and ABC, CBS censor good news

Here are my observations on the news of the day.

THE CLINTON MACHINE IS FINALLY UNRAVELING – As House investigative committees begin looking into the highly questionable Uranium deal approved by Hillary Clinton while she was secretary of state, and signed-off by nine Obama administration agency heads, the Clinton’s have much to be concerned about. I say “the Clintons,” because the former president, too, was involved as Russian money benefited him and the Clinton Foundation.

An FBI informant has been cleared to testify by the DOJ, and, if he knows what people are saying knows, the Clintons and the Democrat Party have much to worry about.

Hillary Clinton’s smugness may soon disappear. (AP photo)

There’s more. It now appears that it was Hillary and the DNC who were colluding with the Russians by paying for the fabrication of that phony dossier on Donald Trump. Three New York Times reporters have Tweeted that Clinton spokespersons lied to them about funding the dossier. Even The Washington Post reported that the dossier was at least partially funded by the Clinton campaign and the DNC.

The FBI may have been complicit in all of this. If it turns out that the FBI was also involved in the funding and used the dossier to seek wiretapping surveillance from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court on the Trump campaign, that could be further trouble for former FBI director James Comey and others in the agency, even former director Robert Mueller.

A typically smug Hillary seems to believe she’s going to skate, again:

It’s the same baloney they’ve been peddling for years, and there’s no credible evidence by anyone.” – Hillary Clinton on C-Span

Most Americans believed that the money-grubbing Clintons were taking us for a ride for years, and many of us believed that one day their schemes would be uncovered. Their day of reckoning may be close.

Personally, I’m also concerned about the Obama deep state individuals within the FBI. Is the agency, as one pundit recently remarked, a rogue agency? The recent determination that Comey drafted his exoneration of Hillary statement before the investigation of her e-mail scandal was completed, lends credence to an agency cover-up. Remember, Comey didn’t believe it was necessary for him to personally question Hillary.

Stay tuned.

SENATOR JEFF FLAKE’S DECISION – While his emotional speech was designed to show him as a man of conscience, who could no longer condone the president’s behavior, most people recognize that he would not have made that speech if he had a prayer of winning reelection in Arizona.

Although Arizona State Senator Kelli Ward is now being billed as a shoo-in to replace Flake, there are others in the Grand Canyon State who must be looking at their chances of winning. Current U. S. Representatives Martha McSally, Trent Franks and David Schweikert, and former Representative John Shadegg are possibilities. Although former Governor Jan Brewer has been mentioned, forget it.

ABRAHAM LINCOLN THE TARGET of iconoclasts on the liberal campus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison have moved from Confederates like Robert E. Lee and Christopher Columbus to Abraham Lincoln. They incorrectly claim that Lincoln was a slave owner. He grew up in poverty and never owned slaves, but that doesn’t matter to the Native American student organization behind a “die-in” near the Lincoln monument on the campus.

(Courtesy The Simpsons)

ANGUISHED LIBERALS, suffering from Trump derangement syndrome, are preparing to stage “scream fests” on November 8, 2017 in Boston, Philadelphia and perhaps other cities. Unbelievably, 33,000 have expressed interest in attending the event at Boston Common. Using Facebook, organizers are urging people to “come express your anger at the current state of democracy, and scream helplessly at the sky!” Poor souls.

TRUMP’S EPA CAVED under pressure from the ethanol lobby and what might be termed political extortion from Iowa Republican Senators Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst and Nebraska’s Deb Fisher announcing that the EPA won’t reduce its proposed 19.23 billion-gallon biofuels quota for 2018. “By showing weakness, the Trump administration invites further special-interest shakedowns,” The Wall Street Journal opined.

ABC AND CBS NEWS CENSOR STOCK MARKET RECORD HIGHABC’s World News with David Muir and CBS Evening News failed to mention the 23,000-record high on their newscasts. NBC news did cover it and even acknowledged the dramatic rise in the stock market since Donald Trump’s election. (Media Research Center)



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