The Obama deep state … the questionable credibility of the FBI … and the prospect of justice

Here are more of my observations on the deep state’s effort to sink the Trump administration.

THE OBAMA DEEP STATE EXISTS – Evidence continues to mount on the anti-Trump movement within the Washington DC bureaucracy – “the swamp.” As I have surmised, and covered in this blog for months, stonewalling is pervasive in the Department of Justice, including the FBI.

After nearly a year of Trump-derangement in the mainstream media, we now see evidence that some of the media have seen the light. U.S. News & World Report yes, it still exists – recently published Peter Roff’s piece, “The Deep State Strikes,” in which he states, “In case anyone still doubts it, the deep state is real. You don’t have to be a raging paranoid to believe it exists, is active, and has more to say about what the government does than we do.”

More evidence surfaced in of all places, The Washington Post, in its article, “Top FBI official assigned to Mueller’s Russia probe said to have been removed after sending anti-Trump texts.” In it, authors Karoun Demirjian and Devlin Barrett, revealed that Peter Strzok, as deputy head of counterintelligence at the FBI, had exchanged politically charged texts disparaging President Trump and supporting Hillary Clinton with another member of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team. The other member was someone with whom he was having a romantic relationship, FBI lawyer Lisa Page, who worked for Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, another bad actor leftover from the Obama administration.

Meanwhile, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, grows more frustrated with the DOJ/FBI stonewalling, with this information obviously part of an orchestrated leak. He has held five meetings in the past two months attempting to interview Strzok with no success, even after issuing subpoenas. He is now considering drawing up a Contempt of Congress citation against FBI officials. Access to the anti-Trump texts between Strzok and Page could provide Nunes with information proving internal bias against the president.

I’m not sure why, but I remain optimistic that Michael Horowitz’s IG inspection of the FBI, launched in January 2017, will uncover wrongdoing and the new FBI director, Christopher Wray, will be successful in restoring the reputation of this rogue agency.

Standing in the way, of course, is the Mueller investigation, and I wish I was as optimistic that he will throw his former FBI colleagues, like Comey, under the bus..


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