Our military on “hold” until January 2017

As someone who believes in a strong defense, over the past six years I have watched President Obama weaken our military and the reputation it has enjoyed globally for years.

Austin_Lloyd - Commander, US Central Command

U.S. Army Gen. Lloyd J. Austin III (defense.gov)

I recently witnessed an embarrassing testimony by Army Gen. Lloyd Austin before the Senate Armed Services Committee, in which he said, “Despite some slow movement at the tactical level, we continue to make progress across the battlespace in support of the broader U.S. government strategy to degrade and ultimately defeat ISIS.”

In view of information that reports out of General Austin’s U. S. Central Command were overstated to paint a rosier picture of its success in Iraq and Syria, the Senators weren’t pleased with his testimony. It was learned that analysts were told to revise their reports of U.S. air strike damage to support command assessments of mission success. They were also urged to state that the killing of certain ISIS leaders would diminish the organization and lead to its collapse. Continue reading

Did Hillary Clinton’s naivete’ unintentionally tip off Benghazi attackers?

“I’m certainly aware of the classification requirements and did not send classified material.” – Hillary Clinton

If Hillary Clinton neither sent nor received classified information, just how did she carry out the normal day to day business of a secretary of state?


Did the Benghazi attackers learn of Hillary’s plan to cut back on security through her unclassified e-mails? (truthrevolt,org)

Even her daily itinerary should have been classified. Friendly and unfriendly countries alike want to know who she’s meeting with and where.

One of the e-mails recently released by the State Department included a five-page, heavily redacted e-mail from Britain’s foreign secretary concerning Afghanistan. It had been forwarded to Hillary’s private e-mail account by her top aide, Huma Abedin.

I tried to imagine the likes of Dean Acheson, John Foster Dulles and Henry Kissinger operating without classified communications, but soon recognized that Hillary operated not as a secretary of state but as someone protecting her future candidacy for president.

On April 19, 2012, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton responded to the request for more security at the Benghazi consulate articulating instead a plan to scale back security assets. Since she didn’t send classified information, one can suppose that those who attacked the Benghazi facility, killing the ambassador and three other Americans five months later, might have known they would encounter little or no resistance.

As I have written before …. and she wants to be president.


We are NOT a war-weary nation, Part 2

In Part 1, I wrote of my concern over the constant drumbeat that Americans have become war-weary, a belief attributed to President Obama, his supporters, and an adoring media.

I believe Americans are Obama-weary.  They simply cannot support a commander-in-chief who is unwilling to use what is still the best fighting force on the planet. And it doesn’t help when his generals echo his belief.


The Military Oath courtesy of the angelfire.com

When I hear the president say he’s not going to send our troops into harm’s way, I am reminded of a recent exchange between Fox’s Melissa Francis and a fellow panelist.  Francis had just made a strong position for U.S. involvement in Iraq when she was asked, “would you send your son or daughter?”  Embarrassingly, she said, “no,” and was not pleased with herself.

There was no reason for her to be embarrassed.  We have an all-volunteer military, a courageous group of warriors, men and women, who sign up knowing that they are signing up for war. Continue reading

A letter writer not among the war-weary

In a letter to the editor of The Arizona Republic, an individual writes, “We are being told that we will not put boots on the ground in the Middle East to defeat ISIS and stop the daily slaughter of innocents because the majority of Americans are opposed to it.”  He adds, “if that’s how decisions are made in Washington these days, then why do we still have ObamaCare?,” referring to two recent CNN and ABC polls that reflect that 55 percent of Americans are opposed to it while just 40 percent favor it. “Obviously, what Americans voters want only matters if it’s also what Washington wants,” he concludes.

I would add … According to the Real Clear Politics Averages, 63.4 percent of the nation now believe the country is on the wrong track, while just 27.6 percent (who are they?!) think we are going in the right direction.  It doesn’t seem to matter to the occupant of the White House.


We are NOT a war-weary nation, Part 1

I’m tired of hearing the president and some politicians talk about how Americans are war weary. The same goes for the pundits who repeat that belief over and over.

The president’s political promises to get us out of Iraq and Afghanistan may satisfy him and the left, but to our enemies it is a sign of weakness.


This graphic courtesy of spenttheyearasaghost.wordpress.com

I wonder what “The Greatest Generation” must think.  Growing up during the Great Depression, many went off to fight in World War II, and others made their contribution at home.  These men and women fought not for fame and recognition, but because it was the “right thing to do,” wrote Tom Brokaw in his book.

In his transformation of our country, President Obama has turned this once strong country into a nation willing to let the Hitler’s, Mussolini’s and Hirohito’s of today slaughter their way across the Middle East, annex neighboring countries and expand their reach.  We have forgotten what it means to go to war to win.

Today we see history being repeated and clearly laid out in a recent op-ed by Victor Davis Hanson, a historian and columnist of note.  He reminded readers how we stood by and allowed Hitler and the Third Reich to terrorize Europe, Mussolini take over much of the Mediterranean and the Japanese war machine occupy much of the Pacific.  Had they just been satisfied with their winnings, writes Davis Hanson, “there was no evidence that the tired Western democracies would ever have stopped them.” Continue reading

The Admiral Mullen/Bergdahl saga continues

Mullen  ( outservemag.com)

The Bergdahl cover-up continues with the revelation that Admiral Mike Mullen instructed two of Bergdahl’s squad mates to sign non-disclosure forms. (outservemag.com)

Regular readers of this blog might recall my April 18, 2015 post, “Another example of Admiral Mike Mullen’s complicity,” in which I wrote about his conversation about the Bergdahl desertion with troops in Afghanistan during his December 2009 trip.

Now, thanks to the able investigative reporting of Fox’s Catherine Herridge, we learn that the admiral had two of Bergdalhl’s squad mates  sign non-disclosure statements about Bergdahl.  Commenting on her finding, Maj. Gen Bob Scales (Ret.) said such a requirement  was “completely unprecedented.”  Click here to watch Herridge’s report.

Incidentally, the five high-level Taliban prisoners released from the Guantanamo Bay detention in a trade for Bergdahl’s release, will be free to travel next week, and are expected to return to the fight.



Another example of Admiral Mullen’s complicity

We learned this week that then Joint Chiefs Chairman Admiral Michael Mullen, while chatting with a group of soldiers during a December 2009 visit to Afghanistan, was asked about the desertion of Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl.  His response indicated that he was fully briefed on the circumstances surrounding Bergdahl’s disappearance.

Mullen  ( outservemag.com)

Soldiers serving in Afghanistan recalled Admiral Mullen’s acknowledgement of the Bergdahl desertion circumstances, causing questions about when the president knew. (outservemag.com)

It prompted many to speculate that he surely informed the president of what he had learned. Four years later, President Obama walked out of the White House with his arm around Bergdahl’s mother (below) and proudly talked of the sergeant’s return.

A reading of the transcript, however,  reveals the president carefully avoiding any overt praise for Bergdahl’s service leading one to believe Mullen had briefed him.  Yet, unbelievably,  he still thought it was wise to stage the Rose Garden appearance. Continue reading

In the media

                                                                                 Fox’s Jeanine Pirro tells it like it is

Jeanine Pirro (energytimes.com)

Jeanine Pirro tells it like it is on her Fox program, Justice with Judge Jeanine. (energytimes.com)

It’s unfortunate that Judge Jeanine Pirro’s program appears on Fox on Saturday night, when most people are having dinner out or are engaged in another social event.

While we frequently look to Charles Krauthammer or George Will to give us a commentary that clearly states a crisis and how we need to face it, I was duly impressed by Pirro’s opening statement on Feb. 7.  Please take seven minutes of your time to listen.  Click here.


         NBC’s Brian Williams to take some time off

While NBC’s management is investigating the material used by its Nightly News anchor Brian Williams, Williams is going to take some time off.  While he does, rumors are already flying that Katie Curic is waiting in the wings.

Most people don’t realize that while Williams is the anchor of Nightly News, he is more than a “news reader.”  He is the program’s managing editor, which makes him the decision maker on what airs and what doesn’t.  Hmmmm Continue reading

Save the Warthog

Having spent much of my life around aircraft, in the Air Force and in the aerospace industry, it was distressing to learn that the A-10 Thunderbolt II was slated for the budgetary chopping block.


An A-10 Warthog flies over a Special Forces unit in close air support. Flying low and at slower speeds, A-10 pilots have great visibility as they  loiter over a target area. (usaf photo)

Yes, it’s been flying for four decades, but we’re still flying the B-52 and the C-130, which have been in the air for five and six decades, respectively.  These and other aging aircraft still carry out valuable missions thanks to the upgrading of their avionics and engines.

The A-10 is commonly referred to the Warthog rather than by its official moniker, obviously because of its looks.  It doesn’t have the sleek lines of modern fighter aircraft.

The A-10 won kudos for its work during the Iraq war and in Afghanistan.  Ideal as a close air support aircraft, one would think it would be the airplane of choice in the kind of warfare we find ourselves now. Continue reading

Is the White House delaying Bergdahl decision?

Mrs. Bergdahl (daily mail UK

In an unusual photo op, President Obama walks to the Rose Garden with his arm around the waist of Jani Bergdahl, mother of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. (dailymail.co.uk)

A casually dressed President Obama was all smiles as he left the Oval Office with his arm around Jani Bergdahl as they headed for a Rose Garden photo op to announce that United States had secured the release of her son, Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, in exchange for five terrorists being held at Guantanamo.

I have witnessed a number of such walks to the Rose Garden, with staff appointments, judicial nominees and special guests, but never has the president taken them arm and arm let alone with his arm around their waist.  It was truly unusual.

Who thought this photo op was something he should do?  Obama himself?  Yes, he was prisoner of war being released, but what about the murky circumstances of the case?  Clearly, he deserted his post in Afghanistan five years earlier. Continue reading