Special to female voters for Hillary

Having seen the blank expressions on the faces of women asked about Hillary Clinton’s accomplishments, and why they plan to vote for her, I thought I would offer some responses to help you. It will also help you explain your vote to family and friends. Continue reading

Fear survey ominous for Hillary

“Corrupt government officials” is the number one fear of Americans surveyed in Chapman University’s latest fears survey*, with 60.6 per cent reporting to be afraid or very afraid as reported by USA Today on-line. Certainly not a good sign for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, with all of the corruption around her years in government. Continue reading

Noonan trumps Gates

“Mrs. Clinton was the senior-most advocate for using the U. S. military to bring ill-fated regime change in Libya, and further, failed to anticipate the chaos that would follow – the same failure she and other Democrats hung around the neck of the Bush 43 administration in post-Saddam Iraq,” – former Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates

While Gates was forthright in his negative opinions of Hillary Clinton in his op-ed published by The Wall Street Journal, “Sizing Up the Next Commander-in-Chief,” I found his assessment of Donald Trump extremely unfair. Continue reading