Europeans leaving their countries … immigration here looking ahead … Trump approval high in blue Minnesota … and that explosive memo

Here are my observations on the news of the day.

S—THOLE COUNTRIES NOT ALL IN AFRICA – In recent posts, I have covered stories by a sociologist from the North African country of Guinea and a former Peace Corps member, who worked in the West African country of Senegal, who painted pictures of those countries that could be seen as “s—thole” countries. Both agree that President Trump is correct in his desire to seek immigrants on a merit basis.

BUT HOLD ON – British commentator Katie Hopkins, who occasionally appears on Fox’s Special Report with Bret Baier, believes Trump is telling it like it is – what else?

Hopkins asked her Twitter followers who live in Western Europe whether they are packing their bags because they believe their own country is turning into one of those s—tholes he mentioned. The response was overwhelming. She reports on people leaving Great Britain for Australia, New Zeeland and Hong Kong. She insists that these people are not in the minority. Talking to folks from Sweden, the Netherlands, Britain and Germany is the fastest way to understand that something is profoundly wrong in Western Europe, she writes.

There are many people who migrated to England decades ago, who are now thinking of leaving because they’ve seen their country deteriorate in recent years.

It’s because of the unchecked influx of unvetted people, primarily Muslins.

I invite you to see Hopkins’ video report on European “s–thole” countries by clicking here.

BELGIANS, TOO are witnessing a deterioration of their country as two-thirds of the people polled believe there are “too many immigrants in Belgium,” and say “Today we no longer feel at home as we did before (mass immigration),” a resident told Virginia Hale at Breitbart.

The poll reveals a society that is filled with fear and the development of a true anti-Muslim paranoia. With some 200 anti-terror investigations since the beginning of 2017, it is easy to understand.

Islam is “not a tolerant religion,” said 74 percent of those surveyed, while 60 percent said the presence of so many Muslims in their nation presents a threat to its identity.

It can be assumed that many Belgians are also considering leaving as immigrants want to impose their way of life.

KEEP THESE STORIES IN MIND the next time you hear liberal Democrats use words like – globalism, inclusive, path to citizenship, diversity, open borders and the need to allow aliens to “come out of the shadows.”

“Isn’t it interesting that the handful of celebrities, who threatened to leave our country if Trump was elected, are still here, and they’re promoting diversity and open borders because more people want to come here?”

LOOKING AHEAD – We need a tight border. DACA individuals and their families must all register and regularly report their location, and if they don’t, they need to be deported. They can be “legalized,” but that cannot be construed as amnesty. There can be no path to citizenship. Their employment must be controlled through the E-Verify system.

The system that allows people to immigrate via the visa lottery needs to be shut down immediately. All immigration needs to be centralized and controlled to assure that we are admitting only on merit basis.

Chain migration must be severely controlled. In some cultures, “family” can mean several hundred people, as Karin McQuillan reported in American Thinker. “All the men in one generation are called “father” (in Senegal),” she remarks, “Some with four wives.”

CURRENTLY, 57 percent of families headed by a legal or illegal immigrant are receiving some sort of welfare, according to John Hawkins, writing in Townhall. “It doesn’t help America at all to bring people here who are uneducated, work menial jobs and don’t pay income taxes, who don’t assimilate or who end up on some form of welfare,” wrote Hawkins, “As jobs and wealth in America have increasingly moved toward more educated citizens, our broken and outdated immigration system has not kept up.”

“Contrary to what you often hear, our current immigration system is making America weaker, not stronger.”

MINNESOTA NOT SO BLUE? – President Trump’s job approval came in at 45 percent in the Star Tribune’s first election year poll, and all things considered, it was a good series of results for Minnesota Republicans. Unbelievable.

Trump shows especially strong in the suburbs and in greater Minnesota, which the paper says, which could mean help for state candidates, according to J. Patrick Coolican. The poll suggests that Trump is running much stronger in Minnesota than the traditionally Republican state of Georgia, where a recent Atlanta-Journal Constitution poll has Trump at a 36.7 job approval.

THERE’S A LOT OF TALK about an explosive classified four-page memo that details alleged surveillance abuses that several Congressman want released to the public. Congressmen are permitted to read the document in a private room, and are not permitted to photograph it or take notes, quote from it in public. But that hasn’t stopped some from calling it “shocking,” “troubling,” and “alarming,” surveillance abuses under the Obama administration.

The fact that just three Democrats and 180 Republicans have taken the time to read the memo should tell you something. Declassification for public consumption falls to the president. As much as I think the president would like to blow the lid off the abuses within the FBI and DOJ, I wouldn’t be surprised if he yields to Special Counsel Robert Mueller to include the information in his findings.



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