Liberal college students show their ignorance

You will enjoy this one.                                                         

I’LL BET YOU DIDN’T KNOW that President Trump gave his State of the Union address last week. Students interviewed on the campus of New York University thought so. During “man-on-the-street” style interviews with students, Cabot Phillips of Campus Reform asked them what they thought of the president’s speech the night before. One student hoped that public opinion would overturn anything he suggested. Another said the president had the temperament of three-year old.

When Phillips asked students for their reaction to the president starting a build the wall chant with Republicans (Phillips made that up), the students actually believed it. One student suggested that there were enough intellectual progressives to stand up to his beliefs. At least one student was honest enough to say that she didn’t watch the speech, but that didn’t stop her from commenting on the chant.

Listening to these students, you have to wonder about the education they are getting in our colleges and universities. You can read all about it and see the interview video by clicking here.

I hope you will be watching the real State of the Union address on Tuesday evening, but don’t expect a chant.




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