McCain teams with liberal on DACA … the House minority memo … those DACA protestors … more PC nonsense … and Democracy New Mexico style

Here are my observations on the news of the day.

MC CAIN PAYBACK CONTINUES – As he did with his nay vote that blocked the GOP effort to kill ObamaCare, Sen. John McCain (RINO-AZ), intends to block President Trump’s promise to strengthen border security with a wall.

The senator simply appears unwilling to forgive and forget the president’s campaign insult – “He was a hero because he was captured … I like people who weren’t captured.”

McCain has now teamed with the liberal Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) to put forth a bill that would give a pathway for citizenship for the DACA individuals, but would not provide money for the wall. Doing so is not only a clear slap at the president, but the Republican Party that is seeking a bipartisan resolution for DACA.

The president seeks a more comprehensive immigration plan that would not only include a solution to the DACA issue and border security, but putting an end to the visa lottery systems and chain migration. The party must fight any effort to give the so-called “dreamers” legal status, with a veiled promise from the opposition to address other immigration issues later.

Democrats had an opportunity during the Obama administration’s tenure to resolve immigration issues to their liking when they had all three government bodies and kicked it down the road. This causes one to wonder if the Dems really want to resolve it. Many people view it as an issue the Dems would prefer to hold over the Republicans’ heads.

The president has made an effort to mend fences with McCain since his election, including inviting the McCain’s to the White House for dinner. In addition to making a number of remarks about McCain being a fighter, the president has made phone calls to express his interest in the senator’s recovery.

Does the senator really want his legacy as a “maverick” to have an asterisk next to votes denoting those against his own party?

WE’LL SOON KNOW if the Democrats stacked the deck against a clean presidential approval of the House Intelligence Committees minority memo by including methods and sources that would require redaction. It is believed that Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is seeking an opportunity to accuse President Trump of sabotaging the minority party’s effort to present their side of the investigation.

SINCE WHEN DO ILLEGALS have the right to protest anything in this country? Yes, I know, they came here as children (for the most part) with their parents at no fault of their own, but “rights” come with citizenship. While I believe that Congress must come up with a solution to their futures here, they are here illegally and, I believe, hurt their cause with their protests across the country.

Cleveland Indians mascot Chief Wahoo victim of PC. (

MORE PC NONSENSE – We recently learned that the Cleveland Indians major league baseball team will remove the image of “Chief Wahoo” from its uniforms after the 2018 season, while continuing to sell merchandise with his image. Despite this move, the image of Chief Wahoo will continue to be one of baseball’s most enduring symbols.

THERE’S MORE – Democrat Rep. Eric Descheenie in the Arizona House has introduced a bill to ban all things “Redskin” at the University of Phoenix Stadium, where the Washington Redskins play the Arizona Cardinals. His bill would not affect what the teams and fans wear. Huh!

Descheenie wants to give Native Americans in Arizona the power to veto any other word or logo they find offensive in any other publicly-funded sports facility.

Incidentally, his bill would not include high schools, like Red Mesa High on the Navajo reservation, where their mascot is … wait for it … the Redskins.

Not to worry, this frivolous bill is going nowhere.

ESPN’s Max Kellerman wants Notre Dame to drop it’s “Fighting Irish” mascot. (

STILL MORE ESPN sportscaster Max Kellerman views the “The Fighting Irish” mascot of Notre Dame offensive and wants the university to disown it. “So, it’s come to this: ”Leprechauns are hateful,” comments William McGurn in his Wall Street Journal column in response.

I am not a Notre Dame fan, but I hope the powers that be in South Bend recognize that the little green-suited guy – a Leprechaun – with his hat cocked, chin up, and dukes up represents the school’s Irish heritage.

It’s becoming Pretty Crazy.

DEMORACY IN NEW MEXICO – A bill under consideration in New Mexico would require high school juniors to “file an application with a college or show the student has committed to an internship or apprenticeship or military service.”

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among them these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Declaration of Independence

USA Today reports that the proposal is a response to the state’s decline in college enrollment, which dropped 14 percent between 2010 and 2016. Rep. Nate Gentry, a Republican, predicts that requiring student to file applications – $25 at the University of New Mexico – will induce more of them to actually attend college.

There was no word about what happens if a student fails to go to college after paying the $25 application fee. At least it will help fill the coffers of the university.

In New Mexico, where there are some 70,000 illegal immigrant residents, the unemployment rate is at 6.5 percent.





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