Trump on a roll after just two days

YOU MAY RECALL that I told you in my Nov. 4, 2016 post, “As election day nears,” that word leaking out among union people revealed that, while Hillary Clinton campaign signs adorned the walls of union halls, many were privately planning to vote for Donald Trump. With wins in the highly union states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin, one can assume that was true. Continue reading

Obama wants shareholders to bite the hand that feeds them in effort to push his climate change agenda

On Wednesday, I wrote about auto manufacturers having second thoughts about the EPA’s 2025 fuel efficiency standard they signed-on to in 2011, and the result of getting in bed with big government. They are forecasting difficulty in selling their cars – expected to cost some $6,000 more – in a market where low fuel prices prevail.

Now President Obama and his EPA have their sights set on the fossil fuel industry itself, making it even more difficult for auto makers to sell their cars. Continue reading