Obama’s non-endorsement of Hillary

“I can say with confidence there has never been a man or woman – not me, not Bill, nobody – more qualified than Hillary Clinton to serve as president of the United States of America.” – President Obama

It’s hard to believe that the narcissistic Obama could give Hillary Clinton such an unbelievable endorsement at the Democrat convention, but, as the former radio great Paul Harvey used to say, “now the rest of the story.” Continue reading

Liberals vs conservatives

The signs supporting Bernie Sanders – “Feel the Bern” and “A Future to Believe In” – have all but disappeared and have been replaced with Hillary Clinton’s “Together Stronger” and “Love Trumps Hate” signs at the Democrat convention. And “love” has found its way into nearly every speech. Continue reading

WSJ a little late, but that’s okay

“Trump would be wise to take advantage of it, help sell it, even own it, as the way to turn our country around.” – kramerontheright

That quote is from my June 11, 2016 post, GOP to convince voters they have ‘A Better Way, in which I wrote about House Speaker Paul Ryan’s plan for Congress to run on in 2016 – “A Better Way: Our Vision for a Confident America.”

“Although it’s too early to know if the presumptive presidential nominee will adopt it to unify the party,” I wrote, “you have to admit that “A Better Way” and Trump’s campaign slogan, Making America Great Again are compatible.”

thWEHVXXIF (the bailorgroup.com)I was delighted to read in today’s Wall Street Journal that its editorial writer not only agreed, but used similar words. “The House Republican agenda is the best current expression of that vision, and Mr. Trump would be wise to embrace it. Win or lose in November, that agenda is the best way to bridge the GOP’s divisions,” the editorial stated.

The WSJ was a little late, but I’m happy to have them aboard.

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Watch the GOP convention on C-Span

If you’re watching the Republican convention on Fox, or one of the other networks, you’re missing the real speeches, those by every day Americans, not just high profile individuals.

For example, click here to watch a nice speech by Darryl Glenn, candidate for Senate from Colorado.

I suggest you turn to your C-Span channel to hear all of the speeches without interruption by talking heads.

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Fox’s Shepard Smith rebukes Bobby Jindal over use of “all lives matter,” calls it derogatory

While watching an interview of former Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal by Fox News anchor Shephard Smith on the Baton Rouge police shooting, I was taken aback by Smith’s position on Jindal’s use of “all lives matter.” During the interview, Smith castigated Jindal twice for his use of “all lives matter,” saying it was derogatory. Continue reading