Assessing the mythical first 100 days of the Trump presidency

As expected, the media has been making much of the first 100 days of the Trump presidency, with the focus primarily on his failures and his less than stellar approval/disapproval ratings. It’s a continuance of their hatred – yes hatred – of the man who stole the election from their candidate, Hillary Clinton. Continue reading

Will a truly patriotic American in the Obama administration please step forward

No, I’m not looking for those who respect the stars and stripes. I’m looking for those civil servants who work in the State Department, the IRS, DOJ and the FBI, who have evidence of corruption, and possibly have that “smoking gun” e-mail in their possession.

Are their jobs more important than the preservation of our national security, our country, our law and order, and their integrity?

You may remember when I also called upon our high-ranking military officers to take a stand against the administration’s lack of a strategy to defeat ISIS, use of the military to conduct social experimentation, tying the hands of warriors, and its failure to resolve problems in the VA. Is protecting those stars on their shoulders or that next promotion more important?


Hillary “I don’t recall” Clinton must be kept out of the White House. (

And what about your patriotism? Are you willing to ignore Hillary Clinton’s lack of judgement, lies and corruption?

If you are, you agree with her dismissing five months of warnings against our compound in Benghazi that led to the death of our ambassador and three other courageous Americans. And you choose to believe her post attack cover-up that included the myth of the video and lying to the families of the deceased.

If you are, you also believe her statements regarding her mishandling of classified e-mails, including the deleting of 30,000 e-mails and physically destroying mobile devices.

And if you are, you believe there’s nothing wrong with the pay to play operation she fostered between the state department and the Clinton Foundation.

I’m not holding my breath that one of those big government bureaucrats is going to step forward and spill the beans, but I still have faith in my fellow Americans to do the right thing and prevent Clinton from doing further damage to our nation.

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The wasted New Hampshire primary

It’s over, and nothing has changed, except I no longer have to listen to the ridiculous stories about New Hampshire voters, who don’t make up their minds until they step into the voting booth. Balderdash! For what? The entire effort there was for naught, a waste.

The “live free or die” people of the Granite State had an opportunity to right the GOP ship, giving us a clear choice going forward, and they failed us. Continue reading

Recalling two different classes

“Among the supposedly elite and powerful individuals I have met, you could crudely classify two classes; those who know who they are, and those who say, ‘don’t you know who I am?’” – Rupert Murdoch

When I read this nugget in a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed by Rupert Murdoch, Chairman of News Corp, I immediately thought of two people, whose lives couldn’t be more different – Donald Trump and former President George W. Bush. Continue reading

Legacy-minded Obama hands GOP campaign issues

It’s amusing to see President Obama, so set on his legacy of met campaign promises that he doesn’t see that his failures not only doom his legacy, but hand the eventual Republican nominee issue upon issue to use against Hillary Clinton.

President Obama has handed the eventual GOP nominee a long list of issues to use against Hillary Clinton, who will be running for Obama’s third term. (

Unfortunately, in the process of his attempt to transform our nation, he is destroying the fabric of America. And he still has 13 months to complete his mission.

His lack of a foreign policy has made the United States a laughing stock. His feckless inability to commit to a strategy to rid the Middle East of ISIS and al Qaeda is further evidence of his failure to use the military power at his disposal.

The nuclear agreement with Iran is so important to the president’s legacy that he’s willing to sign it regardless that it doesn’t stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, and will provide Iran with billions of dollars to pursue its “death to America and Israel” goal.

Meanwhile, Russia’s Putin operates as he wishes in the Middle East. Continue reading

GSA and VA team to waste money on artwork

“These artworks enhance the civic meaning of federal architecture and showcase the vibrancy of American visual arts.” – GSA website.

Just when you think you have heard everything about the Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals with the mishandling of cases involving our warriors who put their lives on the line for us, new scandals have surfaced.

Rock Sculpture

This sculpture, “Aggregate,” by Phillip K. Smith, was purchased for $483,000 for the courtyard of the VA hospital in Palo Alto, California. (Rep. Jeff Miller/Wash. Post)

Thanks to Rep. Jeff Miller(R-FL), the story of rampant wasteful spending on artwork for VA facilities, has been uncovered.

A $483,000 rock sculpture, meant to evoke “a sense of transformation, rebuilding and self-investigation,” has become part of a $1.3 million courtyard at the VA’s Palo Alto, Calif. Hospital.

At least $6.3 million has been spent on art and consulting services in the Palo Alto Health Care System, including $4, 190, 356 at the Palo Alto Medical Center, $1, 879,521 at the Monterey Health Care Center, and $280, 000 in other budgeted projects. Continue reading

When a national scandal hits close to home

I’ve often wondered why people I know and meet do not seem to be as outraged as I am when it comes to the scandals emanating from the Obama administration.

One view might be that some of them have soured on politics, and see the scandals of one kind or another as common no matter what the political party.  Others are simply oblivious to the news and have become part of the low-information crowd, like the Iowa Democrats who see Hillary Clinton as honest and trustworthy.


Cartoon courtesy of

After considerable thought, I don’t believe there is a single answer, but I wonder if it’s because they are so removed from the events that they falsely believe those scandals don’t affect them personally.  They just cannot relate to the Benghazi lies, the IRS targeting of conservative groups, the $6 billion unaccounted for in the State Department, the Lerner and Clinton e-mails, and the executive orders on illegal immigrants. Continue reading