Those who would sacrifice their integrity to vote for Hillary Clinton

I’m obviously not a progressive and I am opposed to Hillary Clinton becoming president, but I continue to marvel at how so many Americans are willing to sacrifice their values to support her candidacy.

Unlike Donald Trump, who is an outsider with no political record, Clinton has several decades of public services failures built on a foundation of lies and corruption.

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Forget her inability as first lady to sell either party on HillaryCare for her husband, and her failure to create the 200,000 jobs she promised if elected senator in New York. But as secretary of state, she intentionally used a private computer server to shield her activities, and in the process put our nation at risk as she mishandled highly classified material.  And was caught lying about it.  Now she  has the nerve to challenge Trump’s national security mettle.

Her flagrant ignoring of security warnings over a five-month period leading up to the attack on our Benghazi compound contributed to the deaths of our ambassador and three other foreign service men.

Now facts relating to pay for play involving the State Department and the Clinton Foundation are surfacing.

Yes, Trump has his faults, primarily tied to his willingness to ignore political correctness with his non-political shoot from the hip style. Keep in mind, however, that a public upset with the establishment liked it and he won the nomination.

And, yes, he has some business skeletons in his closet, but nothing that has touched the average taxpayer like Clinton’s.

Speaking of skeletons, Clinton recently announced she was going to put her husband, who sullied the White House (our house), in charge of revitalizing the economy.

As I review the latest RealClear Politics average of major presidential election polls, I note that Clinton leads Trump by six points.

Who are these people who are willing to sacrifice their integrity to vote for Clinton? Millennials and women under 45 are big government advocates who like free stuff. Blacks and Hispanics will again vote Democrat despite the party’s failure to improve their lot. And those low-information women who just want to see a woman in the White House.

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