Special to female voters for Hillary

Having seen the blank expressions on the faces of women asked about Hillary Clinton’s accomplishments, and why they plan to vote for her, I thought I would offer some responses to help you. It will also help you explain your vote to family and friends.

If you plan to vote for Hillary solely because she’s a woman and it doesn’t embarrass you to say that it’s time for a woman to be president, there’s no need to continue reading. However, if you feel that way, but wouldn’t want to admit it, here are some responses you can use to pretend you know your candidate.

I’m voting for Hillary, because as secretary of state she flew 956,733 miles, travelling to 112 countries to conduct the nation’s foreign policy.

Her travels equate to 38 times around the circumference of the world. One cannot begin to list her accomplishments over her four years as secretary.

I can’t name any specifics, but Hillary says she has been an advocate for women and children for 30 years. Surely she must have done something.

Yes, our ambassador in Benghazi asked for more security, but heck, her people around the world were never satisfied, always asking for the moon.

I know, the Accountability Review Board she selected to investigate the Benghazi attack didn’t interview her and didn’t visit Benghazi, but you certainly don’t question the veracity of a former ambassador and chairman of the joint chiefs do you?

Yes, I heard that the mother of Sean Smith, killed in Benghazi, say Hillary lied to her, saying that a video was responsible for her son’s death, after telling Chelsea it was a planned attack. People say things in the “fog of war.”

Sure, I heard that the inspector general of the State Department reported some $6 billion missing, but my goodness, you don’t expect Hillary to keep the books, too, do you?

Yes, I read about the nasty comments made by Hillary’s staff about Catholics and evangelicals in those e-mails, but you don’t believe Hillary feels that way do you? After all she named Tim Kaine, a Catholic, to be her running mate.

Hillary’s story about landing in Bosnia under sniper fire? She said, “I say a lot of things … millions of words a day … so if I misspoke that was just a misstatement.” Surely you can understand how someone can misspeak or exaggerate something. Haven’t you ever told the story about a big fish that got away?

I know, Hillary said she and Bill were dead broke when they left the White House, but you know those who have money – they think they’re broke when they’re down to say ten million dollars. Gosh, they had big homes in Chappaqua, NY and Washington DC.

You can’t blame Hillary for the failure of the Russian “reset.” If President Obama and Vice President Biden had stayed out of the picture, I’m sure Putin wouldn’t have ventured into Crimea and Ukraine. She had Putin in the palm of her hand.

Hillary pushed for the ouster of Libyan’s Muammar Qaddafi, but it wasn’t her fault that it left Libya a failed state and terrorist haven.

Yes, Hillary said half of Trump supporters were “deplorable … irredeemable,” but that’s probably true isn’t it. I mean …

The FBI says that she lied about her reckless handling of classified e-mails, but haven’t we all lied at one time or another?

I’m aware that Hillary admitted that her opposition to the 2007 surge in Iraq was purely political because she was facing Obama in the Iowa primary, but that’s just the way Washington works, right?

Hillary’s dream of a “hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders” is just that. Don’t we all have dreams?

Sure, I heard that the president of Qatar requested five minutes of Bill Clinton’s time, while Hillary was secretary of state, to present him with a birthday gift of $1 million. Wasn’t that gracious?

Yes, I heard that a Goldman Sachs executive revealed that she was pretty glowing in one of her speeches to his company, sounding more like she was a GS managing director. That makes sense doesn’t it? After all they paid her $675,000 for three speeches. You can’t expect her to bite the hand that feeds her.

ObamaCare? She says she’s going to build on it, make it even better. She told a group in Grand Rapids that a single-payer system would be better to keep costs down even though it would impose waiting times for care. Doesn’t that make sense?

She’s asking for your vote because of her positions on women’s issues, but you have to admit, her record in foreign affairs, health care, trade and immigration – also women’s issues – has been pretty dismal.

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