It’s time to release the House Intel Memo

Here are my observations on FBI, DOJ stonewalling.

ENOUGH OF THE DELAY in releasing the House Intelligence Committee’s majority memo that is said to provide the public with much-needed transparency on misdeeds uncovered within the DOJ and FBI. The president has apparently given his approval and it is now up to the Committee to release it. It may, in fact, be released as I post this observation.

What seems to be forgotten in the discussion over the memo is that it didn’t have to come to this. The DOJ and the FBI have been stonewalling the Committee, which has oversight privileges, for a year, and they simply have had enough.

“What we are experiencing is a repeat of the stonewalling by unelected bureaucrats we saw over ‘Fast and Furious,’ Benghazi and the IRS targeting. It has to stop.”- Kramer

Obviously, holdovers from the Obama administration with strong anti-Trump positions, who believed that Hillary Clinton would be elected, have resisted the demands for requested documents.

Now there’s speculation that FBI Director Christopher Wray may step down if the House memo is released. Some have gone so far as to say that would signal a Constitutional crisis. I doubt that.

I do know that Wray, in his six-months in office, has done nothing to alleviate the stonewalling by his agency. And, there is no evidence of deep state house-cleaning in his agency. While there was sufficient cause to ask Agent Peter Strzok for his resignation, he was merely pushed aside to the Human Resources department.

If Wray chooses to resign, we’ll know he didn’t have the desired integrity and character to restore honesty and dignity to the FBI. So be it.


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