Trouble at the NY Times … Trump defeating Democrats … and a black professor speaks out against claim of victimhood

 Here are my observations on items in the news.

TROUBLES AT THE LEFT’S “BIBLE”The New York Times, the left’s leading propaganda machine in attacks on the president and his administration, is now making news. You may recall Times staffer Ross Douthat, who, in July, sought President Trump’s removal from office through impeachment or by the president’s cabinet invoking Section 4 of the 25th Amendment on the basis of the president’s mental capacity.

Are you ready for this? “It may be that the conservatives of the 1990s were simply right about (Bill) Clinton, that once he failed to resign he really deserved to be impeached,” conceded Douthat in his piece, “What if Ken Starr Was Right?”

In what Douthat called “a moment of reassessment,” he said he spent a week reviewing all that had been written about Clinton in books and stories about the women he “harassed.”

“I’ve generally held what I’ve considered a sensible middle-ground positions on his sins, (but) after doing all this reading, I’m sure my reasonable middle-ground is actually reasonable,” he wrote.

You can read his column in its entirely by clicking here.

Glenn Thrush (reuters photo)

THEN THERE’S THE TIMES SUSPENSION of its White House correspondent Glenn Thrush for acting inappropriately toward women. Thrush joined The New York Times in January after writing for Politico, where he earned the distinction of being “a hack,” which he proudly acknowledged. While at Politico, Thrush sent an article he had written about Hillary Clinton to her campaign manager John Podesta for approval, a “no-no” in true journalism.

AND AS I WRITE THIS, CBS has suspended host Charlie Rose for sexual harassment.

A REFLECTION OF MY THINKING – I make it a point not to quote anonymous sources in this blog, but in reading a piece by an unnamed writer, forwarded to me by a friend, I was struck by the fact that the author shared my views on my support of President Trump.

The anonymous author tells of his leftist friends who constantly ask him if he’s bothered by Donald Trump’s lack of decorum. “They ask if I don’t think his ‘tweets’ are beneath the dignity of the office.”

We right-thinking people have tried dignity,” he writes, “There could not have been a man of more quiet dignity than George W. Bush as he suffered the outrageous lies and politically motivated hatred that undermined his presidency.”

He wrote of playing by the rules of dignity, collegiality and propriety with the likes of Ronald Reagan and Mitt Romney, while the left followed the Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

“I don’t find anything dignified, collegial or proper about Barack Obama’s lying about what went down on the streets of Ferguson, in order to ramp up racial hatreds, because hatreds serve the Democrat party.

“I don’t see anything dignified in lying about the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi.

“I don’t see anything statesmanlike in weaponizing the IRS to destroy your political opponents.

He wrote of the war on terrorism we are fighting around the world and the war on those who would destroy our culture at home and points out that dignity and collegiality have no place in warfare. He reminds readers of Gen. George Patton, who would have dismissed political correctness if it was in the lexicon of the time.

Like Patton, who shouted at Field Marshall Rommel, “You magnificent bastard, I read your book, “Trump has read Alinsky’s Rules and is using them against the Democrats,” the unknown author wrote.

So, when the president stings someone with ridicule, remember it was Alinsky who described ridicule as the most powerful weapon.

“Do I wish we lived in a time when our president could be collegial, dignified and proper? Yes, but we are at war with the left, who have been fighting the right without serious opposition for the past 50 years. (President Trump) can be vulgar, he can be crude, he can be undignified at times. I don’t care. He fights for America!”

A BLACK PROFESSOR FROM LEFT-LEANING OREGON, Dr. Sylvia Thompson, wrote a compelling piece, “Enough with the Victimhood: Millionaire Athletes and Their Lost Cause,” that was brought to my attention by a friend, who knows my position on “oppressed” blacks.

Dr. Sylvia Thompson (

Thompson, who admits she has never purchased a ticket to a sports event, and is not a sports enthusiast, but as an “American black citizen,” she says she has “had it up to the gills with black people who embrace victimhood.”

An aside: I prefer her use of the term “American black citizen” over the over-used African-American label?”

“The current brouhaha surrounding the despicable behavior of NFL athletes toward the National Anthem and the American flag is a prime example of the left has done to my race,” she writes. “What these young black men are doing is ensuring the demise of their lucrative paychecks.

“Further, I would wager that if these teams consisted of all white athletes, none of this idiocy would be allowed. We are witnessing this travesty because the vast majority of players are black and can whine “oppression’ if appropriate action is taken against them for their unconscionable behavior,” she contends.

Thompson considers their protests of “injustice” and “police brutality” a laughable crock, and she shoots down the claim that blacks bear the brunt of police encounters because black males commit disproportionately more crimes.

“These young blacks, sadly, took much of their direction from racists Obama and Eric Holder during Obama’s destructive, eight-year regime and Holder’s corruption of the Justice Department,” and recalls their lies about the Michael Brown case.

Writing of President Trump as the new sheriff in town, she says, “he expects fair play under the law and tolerating payback is not part of his agenda,” and urges black to no longer claim victim status. “Anybody unsettled about this turn of events (Trump’s election) is welcome to leave the country. I suggest all black players try a country in Africa, and see how successful they will be at making millions playing games. They will soon learn what oppression really means.”

There’s more, and you can read her entire piece by clicking here.

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